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Clifford children education center is a learning institution for orphans and vulnerable children that is totally dedicated to reaching out to orphans and vulnerable children in village. The Programme focus is to provide support through education, health-care and counselling to the children.

The feeding program was abandoned three months ago due to lack of fund. Since then 60% out of 69 children has developed different diseases related to lack of balanced diet. The organization is thus requesting for financial assistance to address the challenges as listed bellow.

Building: The photos are children taken care of in Clifford children education center.

Presently the instuition operates without feeding program what makes it very difficult for children to learn.

Educational materials:

Due to limited funding, some orphans who would otherwise be in school have not been able to go to school. Most of them are lack educational materials like books, uniforms and stationary etc.

Medical care:

Some medical cases of orphans of Clifford children education center are so complicated that they require specialized medical attention that the centre cannot offer at the moment. Like the case of Benard Oduor , whose left eye is severely sick that needs specialized medical attentions.



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Mr. Clifford Yantz founder of wells for the world Inc U S A

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