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Spring Care’s mission is to work for a world in which underprivileged people benefit from socio-economic development opportunities to increase self-sufficiency. Its goal is to strengthen local capacities through education, extension and the development and promotion of activities that support both local livelihoods, environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. This goal is achieved through the initiation of development actions that would improve the living conditions of local people; promotion of proper use of natural resources as well as fostering community health education.
Key activities to accomplish the aforementioned goals and specific objectives are in the area of:
Women Empowerment through vocational training and sustainable agriculture (food and cash crop production, livestock farming and support to the formation of common initiative groups and cooperatives)
Children Education through donation of didactic material to schools and pupils, school fees schemes for the underprivileged and school infrastructural development.
Natural Resource Management through conservation education, policy dissemination, community rights, nursery establishment, tree planting and environmental education in schools.
Community Health Education – HIV/AIDS and Malaria education, Hygiene and Sanitation and potable water for communities.



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Doing business with the poor; Provision of goods

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Africa: Cameroon

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