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In survey after survey, U.S. nonprofits identify technology as one of their most critical needs. However, 40% of the 1.5 million U.S. based nonprofits, which serve tens of millions of Americans, continue to say they lack sufficient technology to serve their constituents.

Used well, technology can help nonprofits work smarter, reach higher and provide more of their great services. But for too many nonprofit professionals, technology is a source of never-ending confusion and frustration.

Many nonprofits either do not have in-house IT staff, or are stretching existing staff to perform duties outside of their assigned responsibilities. The Community Corps guides users through IT volunteer projects. Most projects are short, simple and impactful,requiring anywhere from 2 to 25 hours of volunteer time. Based on a volunteer’s skills profile and preferences, he/she will be suggested as a volunteer for a nonprofit’s project. When the project ends, volunteer hours will be tracked via a corporate social responsibility reporting engine.


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