Kibuuka mixed Day and Boarding Primary School - Nansana -Uganda

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Kibuuka Mixed Primary School is a school in Uganda. This School Is Located in Nansana West Ward Parish, Nansana Division Subcounty, Wakiso District Of Uganda.

It is a mult-racial and multi-denominational community. There are children coming from Kenya, Tanzania, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, South Africa and Britain. These children harmoniously interact with Ugandans in the school environment. The school practices child centered policy and result oriented approach which makes the school standout far different from many other schools in the country. Slow learners benefit from this approach.


To provide a wholesome education to learners focusing on their individuality and equipping them with skills that enable them to be self-sustaining responsible citizens.


Kibuuka Mixed Primary school is following the National Curriculum as recommended by the Ministry of Education and Sports. The teacher of upper section developed a school syllabus that can be followed by each one in a particular class that is all the topics are developed in a sequence as planned but base on the one NCDC reviewed.

The school program is developed in every term such that the activities are done as stipulated on the program.



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