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Being so dissatisfied with the prevailing high rate of unemployment, poverty, hunger, injustice, bad governance, poor leadership, poor healthcare, unfriendly policies and climate change in our communities due to the increasing indulgence in election apathy and the nonchalant participation of young people in elections, leadership, governance and policymaking at all levels, REACH BACK was founded in 2017 in Cameroon.

REACH BACK is a nonprofit organization championing local development from grassroots by promoting sound leadership, democratic principles, economic growth and technology in communities.

This is done by inspiring, empowering and providing an enabling environment to more young people in schools, local communities and other institutions the opportunity to actively engage in election participation, leadership, governance and policymaking at all levels through capacity building and technology.

Fundamentally, in all our partner schools, local communities and institutions, we run several Reach One Teach One or ROTO outreach programs. The ROTO EMPOWER program is our main program run.

The ROTO EMPOWER program aims at “equipping more young people with sufficient knowledge, skills and tools to participate in democracy, leadership and economic growth at all levels”.

The ROTO EMPOWER program is made up of three (03) main projects; the Elections 4 All project, the Tomorrow Leaders project and the Sustainable Livelihood project.

The Elections 4 All project aims at “instilling in young people a sense of urgency and civic responsibility to confidently participate in elections and democratic processes at all levels”.

The Tomorrow Leaders project aims at “providing extensive leadership training programs and empowerment to student governments and youth-led organizations to confidently influence and champion change in their respective communities”.

And the Sustainable Livelihood project aims at “reducing the high rate of unemployment, poverty and school dropouts in our communities by providing follow-up-scholarships and mentorship to students and school dropouts to complement their formal studies with some vocational skills acquisition and vice versa”.

In conclusion, through our various Reach One Teach One or ROTO outreach programs, we aim at training, equipping and engaging more young people in election participation, leadership, governance, policymaking, technology, education, vocational training, extracurricular activities, agriculture, climate action, healthcare, business and entrepreneurship.

1) To run Reach One Teach One or ROTO outreach programs in schools, local communities and other institutions to ensure sustainable development in these communities.

2) To promote culture, leisure, sporting and club activities in schools, local communities and other institutions to enrich the common bond between and the exposure of more talented young people in these communities during extracurricular activities.

3) To train and equip many more young people to actively engage in election participation, leadership, good governance, policymaking, agriculture, climate action, quality healthcare, volunteerism, business and entrepreneurship to entitle them to empower their own communities at all levels.

4) To promote rapid economic growth and access to quality education by providing scholarships and vocational training initiatives to many more young people in schools, local communities and other institutions.

5) To bring together young community leaders from schools, other communities and institutions to the ROTO Youthconnekt Summit every year to permit them network, be fully immersed in the Reach One Teach One or ROTO culture and becoming certified REACH BACK global alumni.

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