Key Farmers Savings and Loans Cooperative Society Limited - KEFACCUL

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Key Farmers Savings and Loans Cooperative Society Limited – KEFACCUL was formed in 2012, after the food riot in Cameroon in 2008, to provide financial support to needy farmers and small business investors in under-served rural communities in the Republic of Cameroon and beyond. Since most commercial banks are located in cities, smallholder farmers and business owners in remote rural communities are out of reach of their services; since most of them do not possess collateral securities to obtain loans from these big banks. KEFACCUL has therefore taken the initiative in supporting mostly women farmers with both short and medium term credits to enable them buy farm inputs such as: planting materials, agro-chemicals, farm tools and equipment, rent farms, hire labour etc. With the above support, farmers are able to increase food production, sell and be able to send their children back to school.

Apart from financial assistance to smallholder farmers and business owners in the form of micro- credits, KEFACCUL also helps in organizing business classes for our members and customers. This training is helping beneficiaries in keeping good financial records for their business. KEFACCUL is also providing additional training which enable smallholder farmers in marketing their produce as well as assisting village women and youth in setting up and operating small enterprises as a means for independent employment. KEFACCUL is a micro-finance answerable to its board of directors, General manager, Financial director, and a host of other staff.

It is the intention of KEFACCUL to partner with other financial institutions in order to replicate its business model in other parts of Cameroon and beyond.


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Less than 500,000

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Rural Financial Network, Association of Micro-credits

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