What is Global Hand's budget/business model?

Global Hand not only facilitates public/private partnership for others, but embraces this model itself.

Although our annual budget is presently placed at US$1.45 million, much of the cash required for this is obviated by our own corporate partnerships. They provide, for example, legal and audit, IT services, mass media, and ISP, together with other core competencies and goods. The government of the Hong Kong SAR, moreover, accommodates us, together with our sister organisation Crossroads Foundation, in 40 buildings on 14 acres.

As a result of the above, Global Hand is currently managing to minimise the cash component of our operational costs. It is currently placed at 20% of the overall sum.

This sum is provided by donations from private individuals, service groups such as Rotary, trust funds and foundations within Hong Kong and internationally.

We are subject to public audit which is provided (and donated) by Grant Thornton.

The above is one reason Global Hand espouses the principle of public/private partnership. We see it constantly at work in our own operations.