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Volunteer agencies

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Social Development International (SODEIT) Verified non-profit organisation


Social Development International (SODEIT) is an NGO in Cameroon that works for poor and underprivileged communities. Target groups include children, adolescents and caregivers. The organisation aims to promote education and reduce illiteracy; build the capacity of the underprivileged to fight the...

Smile International Verified non-profit organisation

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Smile International is an aid and development charity committed to helping relieve suffering and poverty through the distribution of humanitarian aid and long-term development projects, working in Africa, Asia and Europe. Smile projects focus on emergency relief, children, education, food...

Future Nepal Friendship Organization (FNFO)

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Future Nepal Friendship Organization (FNFO) is an NGO that recruits international volunteers for Nepalese organisations. Projects include teaching English, environmental awareness, women's empowerment, health care, work in orphanages and monasteries, and agricultural programmes.

Epiphany Trust Verified non-profit organisation


Initially formed in response to the Romanian orphanage crisis in 1990, the Epiphany Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides aid and education to the disabled or disadvantaged children and young people and assistance to adults who serve them. They also support a number of economic...

JEK Development Foundation (JEKDEF)


The JEK Development Foundation (JEKDEF) is a Cameroonian NGO working in the Buea region. The Foundation aims to assist in the development of underprivileged poor and disabled people mainly through education including ICT training. JEKDEF seeks to implement projects through volunteer placements. ...

Volunteer Nepal National Group (VolNepal) Verified non-profit organisation

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Volunteer Nepal National Group (Volnepal, VNNG) is a local, independent, NGO based in Kathmandu. VNNG aims to implement new initiatives to answer the need for communication between volunteers and community groups with NGOs operating both locally and internationally. VNNG has developed an...

Indian Social Service Institute


The Indian Social Service Institute (ISSI) is a rural NGO in Tamil Nadu. ISSI aims to assist the sustainable development of rural areas by conducting non-formal and formal educational programmes to address illiteracy; empowering women with various skills and motivating them to participate in...

Glory Inventing & Research Mission


Glory Inventing & Research Mission is a relief and development charitable organization providing training in employable skills to youth and children, and providing care for widows and the elderly.

Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas


Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas (VARAS, is an international volunteer NGO operating in Ghana. Varas provides cheap placements for volunteers, on both a short and a long term basis.

United Action for Children Cameroon (UAC)


United Action for Children (UAC) is a NGO based in Buea, South West Province, Cameroon. UAC is a non-profit, philanthropic and non-political organisation. UAC is committed to the development of children and young people through a range of educational programmes including primary education, computer...