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World Factbook 2011 - Mexico page


The World Factbook 2011, published by the US government, gives extensive information on Mexico. It lists facts such as the population, ethnic groups, and literacy rates, as well as providing detailed political, geographical and economic data. In addition it outlines the transportation and...

UNOCHA Customs Directory - Colombia


To assist those requiring information for shipping to Colombia, UNOCHA provides contact details for the National Customs and Excise Department of Colombia, the Red de Solidaridad Social (RDSS), and UNDP in Colombia. In addition, this page lists national regulations that are relevant to humanitarian...

University of Texas Map Library - Trinidad and Tobago page


A large database of maps from around the world, with many links to maps on other sites. Has political and relief maps for Trinidad and Tobago. Other relevant maps include political and transport maps for the Americas and time-zone maps.

Relief Web - Uruguay page


A UN project serving the information needs of the humanitarian relief world. Includes a country-by-country guide, with an entry for Uruguay. Topics include disaster history, economics, infrastructure, and media links. Also has a list of other country profiles websites, related news stories on...

Ocean Freight Reimbursement (OFR) Programme


The Ocean Freight Reimbursement (OFR) Programme run by USAID helps American NGOs to ship a wide variety of goods overseas for use in relief and development programmes.

Micro-Enterprise Online Library


Micro-Enterprise Online Libary, published by National Institute for Social Science Information, provides an online micro-enterprise research library.

EU Import Duties

Eu import

EU Import Duties web page, maintained by the Foreign Agricultural Service US Mission to the European Union, provides commercial information on importing into the EU with a focus on agricultural products, e.g. cereal and rice, fruit and vegetables, and processed foods. The web page provides links to...

Dominica information


The Dominica country profile including information on governance, health and finance

Dominica map page


A United Nations map resource, with a map of Central America and the Caribbean, including Dominica. Includes information on natural disasters and the Influenza pandemic.

Conference on global poverty: business solutions and approaches


Business Solutions and Approaches, a Harvard Business School conference on global poverty, explored ways in which serving the poor can be both a profitable business proposition and help improve the lives of the world's impoverished men and women. The conference focused on successful business...