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China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA)


The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) is a non-profit organisation, engaged in managing domestic and overseas donated funds and materials. Programs include water and livestock, terracing, rebuilding houses, rural education, rural technology training, women's and children's health and...

Bright Hope International Verified non-profit organisation


Bright Hope International seeks to serve the world's absolute poor with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Services provided by Bright Hope International include job creation, family support, economic development and emergency relief.

AVC Hilfswerk Verified non-profit organisation


AVC Hilfswerk is a faith-based welfare organisation, based in Switzerland, which gives practical help to those affected by disasters, war or economic disadvantage in 40 countries worldwide. Activities include food provision programmes, organising event and sending relief shipments with various...

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Teaching Photography in School and Community in Cameroon Verified non-profit organisation


We are addressing two needs: (1) the need to provide low-income children and youths with training and opportunities for artistic expression and participation in the public policymaking process, and (2) the need to ensure that young voices are part of conversations about education, health and...

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Business offering large ongoing volume of washed and repackaged airline pyjamas

Qantas-pyjamas business

We are a major Australian airline looking at donating large volumes of used (but washed and repackaged) high quality first and business class airline pyjamas on an ongoing basis to the right charitable partner. Ideally you will be an international aid agency providing emergency shelter to those in...

Together into the Future


Together into the Future is an NGO in Ukraine. The organisation works on rural development and capacity building in over 150 villages and small cities of the Kyiv region. Client groups include children in kindergartens, orphans, the sick and people in hospital, school children and people with few...

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Driving Malaria out of the village, Uganda


Twekembe is a Community Based Organization and is seeking for a partnership to help drive malaria out of the Namulesa village. Namulesa Village is found in Jinja, Uganda. Malaria is one of the killer diseases known to wipe out many members of a village. Therefore, we are hoping to help the...

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Fight for children's rights in Liberia


We are the African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN), Liberia. We advocate for the rights, welfare and development of the children and women in Liberia and are trying to make a positive difference through our actions. Programmes aimed at fighting...

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Donation of c. 2500 Brand New Scarves


I have a large consignment of scarves which will help keep many people warm throughout the winter months at home and abroad. All of the items are brand new and are individually wrapped. I have around 26 boxes; each of which contain approx 70-100 scarves.

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Mosquito nets for Zambia


The project is aimed at providing support to the residents of Chaisa, Garden and Ng’ombe compounds by strengthening overall control of the Malaria parasite transmission the Anopheles Mosquito through enhanced coordination of response efforts such as using the repellant when necessary and always...