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Himalayan Inter-cultural Association Nepal (HIA Nepal)


The Himalayan Inter-cultural Association Nepal (HIA Nepal) is an NGO that works in remote and backward regions of the country, aiming to improve condition for marginalized, dalit and indigenous communities focusing mainly on widows, orphans and people with disabilities. The organisation has...

Farhan Memorial Welfare Organization


Farhan Memorial welfare Organization FMWO is an NGO in Pakistan. The organization provides food, education and shelter for the poor people, and runs a school meals project aimed at encouraging parents to keep their children in school.

Siman Relief and Development Organisation


The Siman Relief And Development Organisation is an NGO in Somalia that aims to respond to the increased suffering, starvation and death among local communities. Siman is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, humanitarian and development programmes.

Barnamala Educational and Cultural Society


Barnamala Educational and Cultural Society is an NGO in West Bengal. The Society aims to help needy people achieve and sustain a better quality of life and to strengthen their involvement and their rights and responsibility in the development of the country.

Haitian's Harmony Corp

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Haitian's Harmony Corp is an American NGO that provides a range of compassionate programmes and human services in Haiti .related to child abuse, abandonment, homelessness, hunger, sexual abuse and other circumstances which constitute personal crises.

For Your Freedom

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For Your Freedom is an NGO in Togo that aims to encourage young people to initiate development projects to be financed by the Togolese diaspora.

Riki Development Initiators Association


The Riki Development Initiators Association is a Ugandan NGO that works to empower rural communities through access to quality education, primary health care and income generation.

United Against Hunger


United Against Hunger is a Ugandan NGO that works on capacity building and advocacy. The organisation's programmes targe poor women from the Kampala slums

Association for the Development of Rural Livelihood ( ADRL).


The Association for the Development of Rural Livelihood (ADRL) is an NGO in Cameroon. The Association provides training in bookkeeping, record keeping, marketing and management.

FOONAC, The Gambia

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FOONAC, The Gambia is a charitable initiative aimed at helping the less privileged, orphans and the fatherless and creating lasting solutions to problems affecting them.