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Advocacy of global issues

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Child Support Uganda (CSU)


Child Support Uganda (formerly Orphans for Christ in Africa), is a non-sectarian, non-denominational Christian NGO caring for orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged youth and poor communities in Uganda, East Africa. CSU advocates for and promotes the rights and welfare of orphans and...

Vital Aid Foundation

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Vital Aid Foundation (VAF) is a Dutch NGO that promotes the emancipation of women and children from all forms of abuse and violence. Based on this principle, the organisation focuses on education, migration and development,integration and the promotion of reproductive and maternal health.

Community Development Watch (CODEWA)


Community Development Watch (CODEWA) is a Tanzanian NGO that aims to promote, advocate and foster socio-economic transformation among marginalized rural and urban communities. CODEWA is currently helping 23 orphans and vulnerable children by providing books, school fees, stationery and...

Himchi Rural Welfare Centre


The Himchi Rural welfare Centre [HRWC] is an Indian welfare organization working for marginalized people focusing on women, children and adolescents. Activities include education, health, livelihood development, community awareness and vocational training. Currently, the organisation is also...

Save The Orphan Zambia


Save the Orphan Zambia (SOZ) is a Christian organisation that helps to develop orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) to become better and responsible citizens. The organisation provides educational support and life skills training, runs campaigns for children's rights and fights against teenage...

Municipal Development Counseling (MUDEC) Group


Municipal Development Counsellling (MUDEC) Group is a service delivery organisation in Cameroon that aims to develop the capacity of municipal authorities as well as the communities living in them to work together to build sustainable municipalities.

Kigoma Children Development Promotion Agency


Kigoma Children Development Promotion Agency (KCDPA) is a Tanzanian NGO that runs a micro-credit programme and a vocational training programme. The organisation also engages in lobbying for children and single parents.

Hossana Ows Centre

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Hossana Ows Centre is a Tanzanian NGO that works with vulnerable communities to help them move towards self-sufficiency through improved literacy, education better health.

Divine Offspring Mercy Network Uganda

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Divine Offspring Mercy Network Uganda is a Christian organisation that works for disadvantaged children and families.



Dufashanye is an NGO in Burundi. The organisation works on issues related to health, agriculture and education for vulnerable communities.