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Donation of c. 2500 Brand New Scarves


I have a large consignment of scarves which will help keep many people warm throughout the winter months at home and abroad. All of the items are brand new and are individually wrapped. I have around 26 boxes; each of which contain approx 70-100 scarves.

355,000 Retractable Safety Syringes & 60,000 IV Sets


We are a small privately owned medical supplies company called TFE10 Trading and we have in our warehouse a large supply of (end of line) retractable safety syringes and IV sets. In light of the recent disaster in the Philippines we would like to offer all of our current stock at cost to groups...

OZSALE donates clothing to those devastated by the typhoon in the Philippines


We are the number one online retailer in South East Asia, with a website specific to the Philippines (my We are devastated by what we are seeing on the news and would like to donate up to $10k worth of clothes as a small way of helping our friends in the Philippines suffering from the...

Nonprofit offering medical supplies and equipment


InterVol is a U.S. based nonprofit organization, which provides unused medical supplies and equipment to nonprofit organizations, clinics, hospitals, schools, and other health-focused organizations serving developing countries. We have a large number of consumable medical supplies and equipment...

Create professional video production to promote verified NGO's


Award winning American broadcaster is offering the productions (including producing, shooting and editing) videos to benefit promotion or training for verified NGO's.

3 Tonnes of Feet Covers, Hair Nets and Latex Gloves


I have almost 3 tonnes of hair nets, latex gloves and feet covers I would like to give away. Approximately 1.4 tonnes are made up of a mixture of feet covers, hair nets and latex gloves, while the other 1.5 tonnes is made up of hair nets bailed on their own.

100,000 reused pollination bags


PBS International makes pollination bags ( A pollination bag is a piece of scientific equipment used for the controlled pollination of plants. The bag acts as an isolation chamber stopping any foreign pollen from being introduced to the flower allowing for genetic purity...

Building Journalism and Social Media Capacity in Emerging Democracies


We offer seminars, workshops, classes and targeted consulting for NGO's seeking to develop journalism and advocacy communication in developing democracies. Our services are voluntary. However, we require coverage of basic travel costs. We would prefer working with Verified NGO’s.

Provision of 30 litre Rotary Barrels for easier collection of potable water by women and children.

Marsbars - copy

To work with partners including NGOs, agencies, voluntary groups, charities etc,. to provide 30 litre Rotary Barrels to replace the dirty unhealthy containers, buckets, jerry cans etc currently used by women and children to collect non potable water. The majority collect over long distances (up to...

Educational Resource Compilation (Updated for K-12)

Edubyte instructions v2

Edubyte ships compilations of educational resources to communities with limited internet access worldwide. These open source compilations are stored and shipped via DVDs. The updated Edubyte Resource Bundle includes material for a K-12 audience and covers nearly all academic subjects to a high...