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Higher Education Scholarships


I am the co-founder of a stationery company that sells journals to fund university tuition for women in Eastern Europe, specifically Kosovo, which has the highest unemployment rates for students in the world. The ultimate goal/purpose of Flora is to also provide mentoring relationships to the women...

Women's sleepwear goods


We have two-three pallets of women's sleepwear available for immediate collection from Sydney. The items are brand new, many still have the labels attached. They are either reject new designs, samples, seconds or end of line excess to needs. They cannot be used or distributed in Australia. They...

Donation of various home care, personal care and food products in UAE


We have a significant amount of household care, personal care and food products located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that we would like to donate to organizations who might need it. We would prefer for these shipments to be donated in one lot if possible. Please refer to attached file for specific...

Donation of body lotion in Brazil


We have a significant amount of Dove body lotion located in Brazil that we are willing to donate to any organization who would need it -- ideally one transport arrangement

NGO offers design expertise to organisations who want to build sustainable schools


Article 25 has several years of experience constructing sustainable, cost-effective, child-friendly and appropriately designed schools across the world. As a not-for-profit and with great support from the construction industry, we are able to do so at a considerably lower price than other...

Exercise Books available now


Hi , we have 5 pallets of exercise books (varying sizes) that we would like to donate to schools abroad.

TEL - Technology Solutions to problems of poverty

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The Technology Exchange Lab (TEL) is the leading non-profit information center for low-cost, high-impact solutions to problems of poverty. TEL hosts a global community of social entrepreneurs, NGOs and communities looking to share and discover innovative, locally implemented solutions to problems...

Free Online Education Course to Prevent Spread of Ebola


The Global Commons Alliance has received the following offer that we are passing on. If your NGO has Ebola education and training materials and you would like to leverage an online platform to help spread them further, you may like to consider this service. Eliademy is concerned about the spread...

Care Flight Medical Retrieval Services offer medical equipment stock

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Care Flight Medical Services Rockhampton has excess medical stock and medication. Currently the stock is dumped. However this equipment is still useful and in working order (just not current with Care Flights Protocols). It could be used with good capacity for areas that need medical equipment. We...

Advocacy and volunteers provision to help people in need in Burundi


We would like to make available volunteers to work in some conditions where they are needed. We would also like to work in advocacy for other organization needing to partner with us. These are our offers. The offer is for volunteer help within Burundi.