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News Articles on Global Hand

Improved Funding Offering - January, 2004


Funding continues to remain the big issue for many of us as we look to the year ahead. So Global Hand has continued research, digging out further names of organisations that specialise in funding activities in the humanitarian arena.

Customs - Afghanistan, Cuba & Iran - February, 2004


Global Hand has sought to help ease logistics challenges by providing information from countries about their customs requirements. For several reasons, the process of gathering this information is difficult...

Mines Awareness Trust - April, 2004


The killer that keeps on killing...

China's Humanitarian Groups - May, 2004


Library information with a focus on China.

Right aid? Wrong aid? - June, 2004


Developing standards for humanitarian aid.

Global Hand On The Silk Road - August, 2004


Global Hand introduced in Central Asia.

More Donated Product On Global Hand - September, 2004


New developments underway! This is a longer news article than usual.

Global Hand European Conference - January, 2005


Global Hand European conference, Vienna, February 4th and 5th, 2005.

Global Hand & the Tsunami Crisis: Product on Offer - January, 2005


Generous response from the international community.