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Job creation and enterprise development

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Agricultural Development Project in Uganda


Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda. A large number of workers employed in Ugandan agricultural fields are casual labourers who work on the land of mostly absentee landlords. The productivity of these casual labourers is low, and they face job and food insecurity. Back home, they are usually...

Start-up capital for firstborn entrepreneurs in Kenya


First Comes First (FCF) is a Kenyan organization that seeks to bring together all firstborn children from every family and to help them improve their welfare despite the pressure that comes with the responsibility of being the first blood in the family. The organization is a peace ambassador, an...

Tailor training centres for Dalit women in India


Dalits are the most socio-economically oppressed class in India. The aim is to train and support impoverished Dalit women in basic tailoring, so that they can support themselves and their families. Centres aim to make and market garments to support the units and to provide the women with an income....

Bus & vocational training equipment needed in Eastern Cape South Africa


Cookhouse is located in in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and has a population of 10,000 people. Cookhouse is a town with the highest number of HIV / AIDS infections, vulnerable children, orphanages, etc. Currently, there is only one clinic serving the entire community and surrounding farms...

Microfinance for poor women in Cameroon


Voice of Grace Foundation - Cameroon (VGFC) is a non-profit social and humanitarian organization founded in November 2006, and a member of the Women’s National Forum (WNF). VGFC's vision is to alleviate poverty by developing those who have been marginalized in the community into job creators and to...

Eco camp and environmental education in Tanzania

Ngeriv eco camp

The conditions in most rural areas in Tanzania prevent development to happen. Economic hardship, lack of knowledge and other structural difficulties lead families to act inefficiently and unaware which in turn reinforces their poverty and environmental depletion. Therefore, Ngeriv's main goals...

Empowering poor Dalit in rural villages in India through job skills training


The Scheduled Castes (Dalit) constitute more than 70% of the total population of Orissa as per census 2011. Pana, Dom, Ganda, Ghasi, Hadi, Kandara, Bauri, Gokha, Dhoba are treated most socially and economical backward schedule castes in Odisha. These sub caste are socially untouchable, socially,...

Development of herbal gardens to help rural women in Tamilnadu, India


India has, according to statistics, the highest rates of malnutrition although it is basically an agrarian country producing surplus food. Rural economy has not improved despite several measures by the Government to improve the conditions of farmers, rural artisans and indigenous communities in...

Life skills, food, & uniforms for orphaned children in Nairobi, Kenya


Orphanshop (Orphans and Needy Students Hope Programme) is a community-based group registered in Dagoretti Division, Nairobi, Kenya which aims to support orphans and needy students by providing services, including provision of food, access to education, and vocational training and advice on HIV/AIDS...

Microfinance, water, and skill development in rural East Africa

Tefa skills development center

Technological Empowerment for Africa (TEFA), started in 2009, is a non-profit organization in East Africa started as a Christian compassion social enterprise. TEFA is working to make a sustainable difference in the lives of the poorest people to overcome the barrier of marginalization by providing...