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Education and training

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Girls Education Mission International

Gem girls

Girls Education Mission International is a Nigerian NGO that aims to counteract gender-based discrimination in education.

Diocese of Mbeya


The Diocese of Mbeya is a Christian organisation in Tanzania.The Diocese works in association with the local Caritas Development Office for the welfare of mentally and physically challenged children, and on a range of other projects, including setting up farmers' groups and organising single...

Ngerengere River Eco- camp/tour and Environmental Services

Illegal pouching

NGERIV (Ngerengere River Eco- camp/tour and Environmental Services) is a Tanzanian NGO located in Bwawani Village, near Morogoro. The organisation aims to empower individuals with the necessary capabilities to improve their livelihoods and currently runs three projects: sustainable charcoal...

YWC Foundation


YWC Foundation is an NGO registered in the UK whose object is the relief of poverty through the advancement of education, training and other means for young people, women and children in East Africa and the UK.



CTECO is a Tanzanian NGO that aims to mobilize and sensitize the community in regard to problems in education, agriculture, science, health and business and entrepreneurship.

Me and You Child Aid Project ( MAYCAP)


Me and You Child Aid Project ( MAYCAP) is a Ugandan NGO that works for children's rights and for orphans, HIV/AIDS affected children and street children.

Liberians Initiative for Transformation (LIFT)


The Liberians Initiative for Transformation (LIFT) is an NGO that aims to provide quality education for young children, to help women to access education and to support self-help initiatives and other educational programmes.

Masilamani Annai CharitableTrust


Masilamani Annai Charitable Trust is an Indian NGO that works for the development of down trodden people in Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu'

Smile Across Africa


Smile across Africa is a Christian NGO in Kenya that works on issues related to education. The organisation also provides sanitary towels to schoolgirls, and teaches young people about HIV/AIDS.

Learning Ladder Nursery and Primary School

Learn l a

Learning Ladder Nursery and Primary School is an educational institution in Cameroon. The school runs adult literacy programmes and parenting seminars in addition to is normal teaching functions.