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Funding required to build an orphanage home in Liberia

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We are trying to help orphans affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans and other children in the community who are living in difficult circumstances. These children do not receive proper care and do not attend school. There are issues that need addressing around child labour, the childs right to education,...

Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Bugembe, Uganda


Women Support and Health Care (WOSHEC) was formed as a result of the spiritual moral decay and disintegration of the Bugembe community that led to high crime rates, poverty, loss of food, high prices, human sacrifices, child neglect and abuse that are being experienced throughout the country. Hence...

Funding for the Construction 4 Classrooms at Green hill Nursery and Primary School, Namwiwa

One of the class room blocks we have

Green hill Nursery and Primary School has direct beneficiaries of approximately 470 pupils (Nursery to Primary Seven), over 300 parents, 14 teachers, 4 support staff and 4 Board of Directors of Green Hill Nursery and Primary School, Namwiwa. Meanwhile the indirect beneficiaries are over 20,000...

Provision of Free Education for Poor Children in Korangi Karachi, Pakistan

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Education is the key and solution to address health care, poverty, corruption, crimes, drugs, environment or human right issues. But for the poor and vulnerable children in Pakistan, poverty is the major cause of their inaccessibility to quality education and the future of these disadvantaged...

Used Vehicle to Transport Children with Disability to Special Needs Centre in Uganda


Angel’s Center for Children with Special has over 12 children (8 males and 4 females) who attend daily early learning and day care services. We also have 5 children who come twice a week to receive occupational therapy services. The center’s report revealed that out of the 12 children who regularly...

Material and Funds for Construction of Additional Classrooms in Arusha, Tanzania


The Melchisedec English Medium Nursery School is a nursery school in Arusha, Tanzania. We are trying to provide children quality education, especially in English, that will enable them to find a stable occupation, earn a living and provide for themselves, and also enable them to be able to express...

Basic Necessities for Orphans in Western Kenya


Often 5~8 or more children (toddlers to 16 years of age) are left to provide and care for themselves and each other in a poor condition. The traditional social fabric and safety nets in Kenyan have broken down and been overwhelmed by the sheer number of orphans left behind by parents dying of AIDS...

Provision of Sanitary Towels to Primary School Girls in Western Kenya


The Sheikkh Ndeda Kisanya is trying to help underprivileged young girls in primary school from Western Kenya. These girls are maturing and entering adulthood but often cannot afford to buy sanitary towels because they come from families that are too poor to manage providing a regular supply of...

Funding for an Education Centre for children in Kenya


Concern Kenya Organization wants to help improve the quality of life of people in the marginalized rural communities in Kenya. The aim is to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable children and orphans through providing education, giving care, love and support. Additionally, we want to...

Collection of gently used or unwanted Books, Toys and Games for children in the Philippines


THE TOY DROP helps children in the Philippines by providing them with books, toys and games. THE TOY DROP projects consists in collecting unwanted or gently used toys, books and games from around London and the wider UK and sending these to distressed communities in the Philippines where...