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Disability issues

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Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha


Palash Palli Unnayan Sangstha (Palash Association for Rural Development) (PPUS), is a Bangladeshi NGO. PPUS works in partnership with its clients to develop self-reliance and community growth. The organisation aims to be a centre of innovation in rural development through its range of programmes...

Asian Services & Projects Ltd


This organisations aims to provide relief, education and support to the poor, orphans, abandoned children, the infirm, the disabled and the elderly.

Chi Heng Foundation (CHF)


Chi Heng Foundation is a charity registered and based in Hong Kong with offices in Henan, Anhui, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The Foundation moves from village to village throughout Central China offering help to all children affected by AIDS, with a primary focus on paying for children’s...

Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong


Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong, affiliated with the Richmond Fellowship International, is a non-profit, mental health organisation. The organisation cooperates with Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau to organise mental health training and exchange programmes for Chinese psychiatric personnel....

HOPE Worldwide - Hong Kong


Founded in 1991 by the International Churches of Christ, HOPE Worldwide is a charity with international headquarters in Philadelphia. Its programmes, which helps more than two million people in 75 countries on a yearly basis, serves disadvantaged children and the elderly, provides education and...

Hong Kong Red Cross


Hong Kong Red Cross runs voluntary blood donation programmes and distributes blood to hospitals, various educational camps, provides disaster relief including hygiene kits and protective suits, first aid and health care courses, mobility equipment, organises hospital patient visits, and provides...

De Waal Foundation (DWF)


The De Waal Foundation(DWF) is a Dutch NGO with a regional office in Ecuador. The financially independent foundation offers financial and technical support to organisations dedicated to educating and training people who work with the prevention of birth defects, rehabilitation of disabled people,...

Community Children Organisation (COCO)


The Community Children Organization (COCO) is a Cameroonian NGO. Since its inception in 2006, COCO has worked with disabled children and young people, parents, government bodies and intergovernmental bodies on a range of programmes to support and promote the needs of children with disabilities and...

Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP)


Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is a British charity that offers medical services and advocates for the universal right to health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. MAP also contributes to the psycho-social support efforts for women and children affected by the...

Alwaleed Bin Talal Humanitarian Foundation


Alwaleed Bin Talal Humanitarian Foundation supports organisations with development projects and humanitarian affairs. It also supports orphans, the handicapped, and needy people as well as rehabilitating juveniles and drug addicts. The organisation encourages education and offers scholarship for...