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Labour conditions

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Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband


The Arbeiterwohlfarht (AWO) is a service dedicated to promoting worker welfare. The organization aims to promote the values of freedom, solidarity, tolerance, and justice among German workers. The Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband is responsible for representing the interests of the AWO within the...

United Nations Global Compact


United Nations Global Compact works with businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies within the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Childrens Rights Information Network (CRIN) - Kenya


Children’s Rights Information Network (CRIN) - Kenya is committed to raising the awareness of the plight of vulnerable children and of issues such as poverty, education, conflicts, violence, sexual abuse, child labour, HIV/AIDS and stigma reduction. CRIN-Kenya is dedicated to caring for the welfare...

Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC)


Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) is dedicated to the promotion of children's welfare. CAPEC addresses education, poor living conditions, abuse and lack of basic rights.

Accion por los Ninos


Accion por los Ninos is a Peruvian NGO established in 1998 to promote the rights of children and adolescents. The organisation sponsors education and health programmes, and works to protect children from exploitation and abuse.

Saligan-Bikol, Inc (Alternative Legal Assistance Center of Bikol)


Sentro NG Alternatilong Lingap Panligal (Alternative Legal Assistance Center of Bikol) conducts legal work with farmers, workers, the urban poor, women and local communities and works towards the their empowerment. The organisation runs five sectoral programmes (women, labour, the urban poor, ...

Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA)


Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA) aims to implement action projects in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental agencies, to educate and assist the weaker section of the population to realise their creative faculties for socio-economic and political development. The main...

Population Media Center


Population Media Center works worldwide using entertainment-education for social change. PMC’s programs encourage positive behavior change among the audience. PMC uses sophisticated audience research methods and multiple media to target its message, focusing efforts in countries and regions...

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Impacts of Corporate Code of Conduct on Labor Standards: A Case Study of Reebok's Athletic Footwear Supplier Factory in China (Xiaomin Yu, 2008)


This study examines the social impact of labour-related corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies or corporate codes of conduct on upholding labour standards through a case study of CSR discourse and codes implementation by Reebok, a leading branded company making athletic footwear in a...

Fairtrade Foundation


The Fairtrade Foundation is the independent non-profit organisation that licenses use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products in the UK in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. The Foundation was established in 1992 by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Traidcraft and the World...