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Information and communications technologies

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Makhzoumi Foundation


The Makhzoumi Foundation promotes a self-reliant and independent Lebanese civil society. The Foundation offers programmes to improve educational, technical and vocational skills, including micro-credit financing, agro-forestry, bee keeping and raising awareness on issues of public concern. The...

African Development Foundation (ADF)


The United States African Development Foundation is an independent Federal agency established to support African-designed and African-driven solutions that address grassroots economic and social problems. The grants help organizations create tangible benefits such as increasing or sustaining...

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efundraising an online donation service set up by the Charities Aid Foundation International (CAF). CAF has a vision for a world in which global giving in a commited and effective way is a recognised part of every day life. efundraising provides information from CAF on raising funds online via the...

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Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER)


Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER) website provides general information on importing to Costa Rica. The site has a large index of air freight and shipping companies that transport goods in and out of Costa Rica. Also the site provides up to date information on Costa Rica's...

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The Other Side of the Tracks: Media Marketing Strategy


Create animated Public Service Announcements and cartoons for Public relations, fundraising, and educational purposes.

One Laptop Per Child Foundation


The One Laptop Per Child Foundation (OLPC) is an American NGO based in the United States, dedicated to research to develop a low-cost connected laptop and appropriate software for school children in the developing world. To date, the Foundation has produced the XO Laptop, a low-cost, low-power...

African Library Project


The African Library Project is an American NGO dedicated to improving literacy in Africa. The Project works with volunteers in African communities to create small libraries for African schools and villages. The organisation collects books from children in the United States through book drives...

IT Schools Africa (ITSA)


IT Schools Africa (ITSA) is a UK-based charity which delivers recycled computers to African schools to improve education & cross-cultural communication. Established in 2004 to address the problem of textbook shortages in African schools, ITSA works in partnership with CFAS (Computers for African...

Cflogonew1aupdated175 is a worldwide network of people and organisations committed to increasing the social and economic impact of grassroots telecentres by making them stronger and better at what they do. Telecentres are public places where people can use computers, the Internet, and other technologies,...

The Social Enterprise Alliance


The Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is a membership organisation in North America for social enterprises, service providers, nonprofit organisations, corporations, and venture capitalists. The SEA actively builds the field of social enterprise through networking opportunities, educational forums,...