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Information and communications technologies

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SLK Software


Slk Software (SLK), part of the SLK group, is an Indian company providing telecommunications and media services. SLK Software is a software solutions and services company, specializing in a wide range of high value solutions and end-to-end services enabling business transformation through...

Hidaya Foundation


A non-profit educational and charitable organisation which sends new and used in-kind donation to needy Tsunami affectees. Our mission is to implement educational, environmental, social welfare, and health care programs in economically depressed areas of South Asia, West Africa and North America,...

Le Centre National d'Etudes et d'Analyses pour la Population et le Développement (CENEAP)


Since 1980, Le Centre National d'Etudes et d'Analyses pour la Population et le Développement (CENEAP) is a national scientific and technical Algerian organisation that conducts general and specialised studies to promote sustainable development, provides information systems engineering and data...

Community Development Foundation (CDF)


Community Development Foundation (CDF) initiates and supports a number of community development projects and programmes in the Wakiso District of Uganda. These focus around primary health care, basic education and training, agriculture and farming, empowerment of marginalised groups and...

Asociacion de Profesionales Y Technicos de Valparaiso V Region Chile


Asociacion de Profesionales y Technicos de Valparaiso V Region is an association which seeks to attract investors to Chile and offers opportunities for shared partnership. The organisation can provide consultancy to foreign investors, and has contacts with international industrialists willing to...

Life Mission for Orphans and Widows' Concern - Uganda (LIMOWIC-U)


Life Mission for Orphans and Widows' Concern - Uganda (LIMOWIC-U) is a voluntary community-based organisation in Buyanga Sub–County of Bugweri County in the Iganga District. The organisation aims to provide education and an opportunity for orphans to grow up in a caring family environment, empower...

Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Corporation (WEA Corp)


Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Corporation (WEA Corp), a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group, primarily markets and sells music products to retailers and wholesale distributors.

Talented Youths International (TYI)


Talented Youths International (TYI) is a not-for-profit organisation created to help plan initiatives on sustainable development amongst the youth of Nigeria, and internationally. With the aim of creating an information society at the grassroots of society, TYI raises youth awareness through...

Mary Anne Charity Trust (MACT)


The Mary Anne Charity Trust (MACT) is an Indian NGO which works in the general area of sustainable rural development as a means to help poor and needy people in India. Projects target the elderly, the illiterate and the unemployed aiming to empower them for a secure future. MACT also runs a...

Auroville Village Action Group


The Auroville Village Action Group was set up to better organise the various activities in Auroville, India which had developed out of the Village Action Group which began in 1983. All these activities were based in the perception that in its search to realise an actual Human Unity, Auroville had...