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Human rights

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Foundation for Local Economic Development and Human Rights Sierra Leone (FLEDHR-SL)

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The Foundation for Local Economic Development and Human Rights Sierra Leone is centered on the promotion and protection of women, children, youths and disabled persons in rural communities in Sierra Leone. And as well as the involvement of Communities in Development, Democracy and Human Rights,...

Inter-Confessional AIDS Network (INTERNAP) Cameroon


Inter-Confessional AIDS Network (INTERNAP) CAMEROON is an organisation established by 4 faith-based women's organisations. The aim of the Network is to promote woman’s rights and to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS transmission especially in rural communities in Cameroon, also to fight against...

Sanctuary Australia Foundation


The Sanctuary Australia Foundation's mission is to provide victims of war the opportunity for a safe and hopeful future with dignity, regardless of race, religion or creed. Sanctuary sponsors and assists refugees to resettle in Australia who have often come from desperate situations overseas. On...

Save the Children - Australia


Save the Children is an international voluntary agency that works for the benefit of children within the communities in which they live. Save the Children works to make a reality of children's rights: to help children and families improve their health, education and economic opportunities. ...



Prottyon is an NGO in Bangladesh that works for people with disabilities, minority groups and poor farmers. The organisation provides training, and works on issues including trafficking and human rights.

Age Concern Sierra Leone

Age concern

Age Concern – Sierra Leone is a charitable organisation that is concerned with the needs and interests of all older people based chiefly in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. In addition to providing practical support to individuals, Age Concern Sierra Leone campaigns and advocates on issues...

Deepam Trust


Deepam Trust is an Indian NGO working among rural people, especially women and children, for socio-economic empowerment.

Seeds of Hope Foundation


Seeds of Hope Foundation (SOHF) is a human rights, advocacy, and development organization working with marginalized communities in Faisalabad, Pakistan. SOHF offers education, training, and health counselling to those in need through various campaigns and projects, and makes people aware of...

Somali Human Rights Association(SOHRA)

Protection training

The Somali Human Rights Association (SOHRA) is an NGO based in Mogaishu. The organisation aims to investigate, document and monitor human rights in the country.

Indus Consortium for Humanitarian, Environmental and Development Initiatives


The Indus Consortium for Humanitarian, Environmental and Development Initiatives is an alliance of three rights based organizations in Pakistan; Laar Humanitarian Development Programme (LHDP), HELP Foundation and Doaba Foundation. The Consortium acts as a platform for the people living in the area...