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Shelter, housing, land management and construction

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Bethany Christian Trust


Founded in 1983 as a homelessness charity, Bethany Christian Trust helps homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland to find, equip and maintain homes as well as address the root causes of homelessness such as addiction, poverty, poor welfare, unemployment, lack of education, social exclusion. ...

MJF Charitable Foundation


The MJF Charitable Foundation represents an alternative economic model, and it is much more than a charity because it represents a genuinely sustainable and fair way of doing business. This ‘way’ acknowledges that social justice and the environment are integral elements in any business process. Not...

Alaska Structures


Alaska Structures is a privately held company with offices in North America and Europe. The company designs and manufactures flexible fabric structures which can be used for a wide variety of building applications, particularly though not exclusively, in remote locations such as the Arctic or in...

Help Africa Relief and Development, Inc. (HARD Relief)


Help Africa Relief and Development, Inc. (HARD Relief) provides humanitarian assistance, health care and education to vulnerable populations.

Children's Society

Children society

The Children's Society is committed to making a difference to the lives of children who become detached after running away from home. Children who become detached after spending more than four weeks living away from home are more likely to adopt dangerous survival strategies, increasing the chances...

Catalyst Foundation


Catalyst Foundation is a NGO aiming to equip families, in Vietnam, with the tools to get out of poverty and to raise awareness of human trafficking at the grassroots level in order to strengthen community protective mechanisms. Community-education workshops are delivered to Catalyst’s target...

Mata Amritanandmayi Math


Mata Amritanandmayi Math is a charitable humanitarian organisation operating in the culture, education, healthcare and social services sectors for the poor in Indian society. The organisation accepts monetary donations and gifts in kind for its operations in India.

Pashupati Enterprises


Pashupati Enterprises is a company offering all kind of tents, camping equipments and garden/outdoor furniture. It has a large clientele as it is also engaged in supplying relief products to procurement agencies, NGO’s and several UN agencies. Pashupati Enterprises ‘products range include many...

Shelter Centre

Shelter center 1

Shelter Centre is an NGO supporting communities impacted by conflicts and natural disasters. It performs research, development, dissemination and implementation of humanitarian settlement and shelter policy, best practice, equipment and field programmes. Shelter Centre works independently and in...

International Council on Social Welfare


The International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW), established in 1928, is a non-governmental organisation which undertakes research, publishes reports, provides training and gives advice and information for nonprofits. ICSW is active in various fields within social development, social welfare and...