What is Global Hand?

Global Hand is an online matching service: a non-profit brokerage facilitating public/private partnership. It brings together people who want to address global issues: for-profit organisations, non-profit organisations, foundations, trusts, governments, diplomats and more. You are welcome to use it as best suits your need.

Option 1: If you already know how you’d like to partner, you can describe your idea:

  • Make an offer if you would like to engage with others trying to address global challenges.

For example: Your engagement may be gifts-in-kind, social entrepreneurship, disaster response, advocacy, business with the poor, guidelines/best practice, Fair Trade and much more.

Through the site you can then find an appropriate partner.

Option 2: If you’re not sure what you would like to do, you can browse the information in our inspiration section:

  • Guidelines/toolkits: standards of best practice and practical toolkits to help guide you in your activities
  • Country/territory: data at your finger tips, organised by the geographic location you may be interested in
  • Global issues: information organised in terms of the major challenges facing our planet today
  • Partnering options: options for collaboration and industry sectors
  • News: Latest happenings in Global Hand
  • Disasters: Special screens are set up to support your response to major disasters.