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Prerana is a non-profit volunteer-run humanitarian organisation that aims to facilitate and promote programs that ultimately advocate and encourage local community development. The essential projects work by establishing partnerships and dialogues among under-privileged communities to build...

Development & Cooperation in Central Asia (DCCA)


DCCA is an organisation with a head office in Kyrgistan. It focuses on capacity-building and strengthening of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for sustainable development and the empowerment of the marginalised population of Central Asia.

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Joining Forces for Change: Demonstrating Innovation and Impact through UN-Business Partnerships


Joining Forces for Change: Demonstrating Innovation and Impact through UN-Business Partnerships, a publication by the UN Global Compact Office, presents a case for partnering with the UN in addition to listing case studies of successful UN-business partnerships. The partnerships presented in the...

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WTO Director-General Mike Moore calls for increased trade liberalisation to help finance development


WTO Director-General Mike Moore calls for increased trade liberalisation to help finance development, a news article, reports that the then WTO Director-General Mike Moore said trade liberalisation can make a huge contribution to the generation of resources for the financing of development. But Mr...

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Botswana Council of NGOs (BOCONGO)


Code of Conduct - Botswana Council of NGOs (BOCONGO) aims to enable NGOs in Botswana to respond to the challenges of sustaining democratic and participatory institutions. The Code provides guidelines on establishing an enabling environment, values, transparency, governance, accountability,...

Youth Empowering Initiative (YEI)


The Youth Empowering Initiative (YEI) is a Ugandan NGO established to provide HIV/AIDS care and prevention services in Kasese, Eastern Uganda. The organisation has expanded its services to include human rights, livelihoods improvement and community capacity building.

Saharo Welfare Organization


The Saharo Welfare Organisation (SWO) is a community based, charitable NGO in Pakistan. The organisation works alongside marginalised groups particularly women, young children and other vulnerable groups in different districts of Sindh Province. SWO receives technical support from the Pakistan...

Rural Development Society


The Rural Development Society (RDS) is a Pakistani NGO working for the rehabilitation and resettlement of neglected and marginalized rural communities. Its priority areas are social mobilization, capacity building, advocacy and lobbying.

Caritas Internationalis - Mozambique


Caritas Internationalis works in Mozambique particularly support refugees, internally displaced persons and other people affected by natural disasters, conflict and civil war. Caritas Internationalis is involved in peace-building, relief and development programs, literacy, skills training,...

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Business-NGO Relationships for Environmental Conservation in Hong Kong: Capacity Building for NGOs and the Roles of Government and Business-Related Organisations


This is an article published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Public Administration, vol 29, no 2, in December 2007. Drawing on stakeholders' views collected from 31 in-depth face-to-face interviewees, the article investigates business-NGO relationships for environmental conservation in Hong...