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Text 100 expands its CSR Partnership with TechnoServe

Text 100, a global public relations agency, is engaged in a pilot employee volunteer programme with TechnoServe, a global NGO, which benefits thousands of entrepreneurial men and women in developing countries each year.

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Joining Forces for Change: Demonstrating Innovation and Impact through UN-Business Partnerships

Joining Forces for Change: Demonstrating Innovation and Impact through UN-Business Partnerships, a publication by the UN Global Compact Office, presents a case for partnering with the UN in addition to listing case studies of successful UN-business partnerships. The partnerships presented in the...

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Doing Business with the World: The New Role of Corporate Leadership in Global Development

Doing Business with the World, a publication of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), describes how companies can contribute to global sustainable development through their core businesses in a way that is profitable for the companies and good for development.

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Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises for Sustainable Development

Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises for Sustainable Development, a paper published by the WCSD, discusses the way in which governments can help alleviate poverty by focusing on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and how larger corporations can help themselves by including SMEs in their value...

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Business and Poverty:Bridging the gap

Business and Poverty: Bridging the gap, a report produced for the Resource Centre,an initiative of a number of UK business partners, addresses the issues involved in a comprehensive approach to poverty elimination in which the public, private and voluntary sectors work together to attack the...

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G3 Guidelines of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework

The G3 Guidelines of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework provide guidance for organisations to use as the basis for disclosure about their sustainability performance (organisation’s economic, environmental, and social performance), and also provide stakeholders a universally-applicable,...

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AccountAbility Rating

AccountAbility Rating, a tool developed by CRS Network and AccountAbility, measures the extent to which companies put responsible practices at the heart of their business, assessed across key domains. These domains include stakeholder engagement, strategy, governance, performance management, public...

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Business guide to partnering with NGOs and the United Nations: Executive Summary

Business guide to partnering with NGOs and the United Nations: Executive Summary, created in partnership between Dalberg, the UN Global Compact, and the Financial Times, provides an overview of the study of the partnership experiences of businesses with social actors - NGOs and UN agencies.

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AA1000 Assurance Standard

AA1000 Assurance Standard, an open-source standard, covers sustainability reporting and all aspects of an organisation’s performance, including social and ethical, economic and environmental. The standard promotes an inclusive approach that positions stakeholders at the centre of all activities....

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Social Accountability 8000

Social Accountability 8000, a standard and verification system, is a credible, comprehensive and efficient tool for ensuring humane workplaces.

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Sigma Guidelines - Putting Sustainable Development into Practice: A Guide for Organisations

The Sigma Guidelines provide clear, practical advice to organisations to enable them to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development. The guidelines help organisations to effectively meet challenges posed by social, environmental and economic dilemmas, threats and opportunities and...

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Partnership to help farmers in Africa increase crop yields and hope for the future

In 2005, Millennium Promise launched with a vision to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. As the leading international nonprofit organization solely committed to supporting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, Millennium Promise believes that innovative partnerships and an...

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The big idea: Creating Shared Value

How to reinvent capitalism - and unleash a wave of innovation and growth.


CSR NEWS is a worldwide internet platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is owned by the non-profit-making Corporate Responsibility Foundation and is neutral and independent. CSR NEWS provides news about corporate responsibility and is an international platform for dialogue with...

Maala – Business for Social Responsibility

Maala – Business for Social Responsibility, a non-profit membership organisation, is Israel’s leading advocate on corporate values and citizenship. Maala serves as an advocate, consultant, educator and facilitator, encouraging corporations to identify opportunities for community involvement,...

Singapore Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility

Singapore Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility is a national society which provides a multi-stakeholder platform for collaboration, in developing coordinated and effective strategies to promote CSR policies and practices in Singapore. This is done through ongoing dialogues, training,...

As You Sow

As You Sow is an American foundation that promotes environmental and corporate social responsibility through advocacy, coalition building and innovative legal strategies. The foundation runs two programmes: the Environmental Enforcement Programme seeks to reduce and remove carcinogenic exposures...

American Chamber Foundation Philippines, Inc. (AM CHAM)

AM CHAM serves the socio-civic arm of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines by providing services related to health and nutrition, social services, education, training, and resource development. Programs include resource mobilization, project management, networking, education and...

Integra Foundation

The Integra Venture is a network of community economic agencies in Central and Eastern Europe. They offer practical and professional help for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. They provide finance and entrepreneurial training to help the poor climb out of poverty. They also promote...

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) works with its global network of more than 250 member companies to develop sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration. BSR leverages its expertise in environment, human rights, economic...