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Forest and Agroforestry Promoters Cameroon (FAP NGO) Cameroon


Forest and Agroforestry Promoters (FAP NGO) Cameroon is an NGO that aims to to promote the sustainable management of the natural and wetland resources in the Western highlands of Cameroon. The organization FAP was created in May 2001 by indigenes of the North West Region who have interest in the...

Grassroots Development and Empowerment Foundation


The Grassroots Development and Empowerment Foundation is a Nigerian NGO established to assist and empower women, young people and children in rural communities. The organisation aims to further education and to protect the rights of children and women. The Foundation also work on health issues...



ALPHA WORLD ORGANISATION (AWO) is a Common Initiative Group. The group's objectives include capacity building, research and promotion of micro enterprises, small business funding, sustainable agricultural ventures and recently small scale processing.

Daima Initiatives for Peace and Development


Daima Initiative for Peace and Development (Dipad) is a Kenyan NGO that works to empower communities through training, research and leadership development. Dipad's main areas of action are capacity building, training, women and youth empowerment, advocacy and practical research on the role of...

Samaritan for Child Action Network Uganda


Samaritan for Child Action Network Uganda (SCAN Uganda) is a local NGO that aims to assist people living in poor urban communities to improve their lives. The organisation sponsors action programmes, undertakes capacity building, advocacy, networking and research. SCAN is specifically...

Kanyango Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project (KOHOP)


Kanyango Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project (KOHOP) is an organisation in Homabay County, Kenya. The organisation is involved in an HIV/AIDS project whose main activities include community capacity building through nutrition education, agricultural promotion, vocational training for orphans...

Sawaed Association for Relief and Development (SARD)


Sawaed Association for Relief and Development (SARD) is a charitable organization working in the Gaza Strip. The association focuses on marginalized areas which lie to the east of Gaza City. The population of these areas is approximately 200.000, most of whom are unemployed. SARD aims to serve...

Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda)


Environmental Conservation and Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda) is an NGO that focuses on environmental conservation,agricultural enhancement, advocacy and provision of livelihood development support programmes to communities. Eco-Agric Uganda establishes technology demonstration...

The International Good Samaritan Mission/Mission for Improvement and Boosting Organizational Services to the Community (MIBOS)


The Mission for Improvement and Boosting Organisational Services to the Communities (MIBOS) is an NGO comprising a number of community groups in and around Kigoma, Tanzania. MIBOS undertakes and promotes development projects in health care, income generation, nutrition and capacity building...



Udyama is an Indian NGO in Orissa, working in food security and sustainable rural livelihoods focused action and advocacy. The organization aims to strengthen food security and livelihoods through restoration and sustainable management of natural resources, capacity building of local communities...