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Partnering for Development - Making it Happen


Partnering for Development - Making it Happen, a booklet, builds on the report from the Commission on the Private Sector and Development and looks at three areas of engagement: the development of commercially sustainable business models that can be expanded and replicated; the reform of laws,...

International Symposium on Sustainable Development


The International Symposium on Sustainable Development was held in Hong Kong on 10-11 June 2002. The aim was to bring together local stakeholders and thinkers and internationally renowned experts to share their experience and views on sustainable development, with the main theme being...

Business for Development: Business solutions in support of the Millennium Development Goals


Business for Development: Business solutions in support of the Millennium Development Goals, a report by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, stresses the key role that business plays in creating opportunities for empowerment and development. It provides a host of examples of...

People at the heart of sustainable business - the IBLF Annual Review 2008-9


The IBLF annual review examines the way in which the Forum has been contributing to the development of sustainable business, arguing that the members of the Forum are leaders in this field, and that IBLF has a particular understanding of the way in which business solutions can contribute to...

Green Works: recycling office furniture


Green Works, a social enterprise based in the UK, collects unwanted office furniture from big companies like Marks & Spencer and recycles it to sell at a discount from one of six London warehouses to schools, colleges, charities, housing associations and small businesses. The firm recently won a...

Developing Inclusive Business Models - A Review of Coca-Cola's Manual Distribution Centres in Ethiopia and Tanzania


A research paper on inclusive business by Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Inclusive Business at the Base of the Pyramid - an ADB project


The BoP-related ADB technical assistance (TA) project, first approved in 2008, aims to develop inclusive business ventures in six selected Asian countries and prepare them for project financing.

Publications on PPPs and Inclusive Business


Many agencies are working to build a vibrant private sector, and to partner with business for development goals. But donor coordination is only possible if agencies share a ‘world view’ on how to do this most effectively. The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) works to build that...

Inclusive Business: Creating Value in Latin America


The Alliance for Inclusive Business is a joint effort of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and SNV Netherlands Development Organization and has recently launched a report highlighting its joint work in Latin America over the past 4 years.

Toolbook Series: developing Partnership Initiatives


The Toolbook Series, published by the Partnership Initiative, is developed from action research and in close collaboration with practitioners worldwide. The aim of the toolbooks is to enable a flexibility of application across cultures and sectors.