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Entrepreneurship courses and job creation in Senegal

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Club Ohada Thies

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The purpose of our association is to assist entrepreneurs who want to start businesses here in the region of Thies, Senegal. We support them so they can present good documents to avoid falling into bankruptcy.

We also help young job seekers freshly out of university. We fight against unemployment and poverty and help the young people from poorer families who have already their diploma.

The purpose of this project is to create the maximum number of young entrepreneurs who support the development of our community. There is a considerable decrease in funding in the region and we want to reverse this trend. For this, the funding that we receive, will satisfy the needs of development and employment and training of new small and medium enterprises.

What is your project and how will it help?

Our current project is to organize for this year and the coming of panels, seminars to strengthen the capacities of Businessmen in Thies.

We also begin to financially support young graduates gathered in groups of 10 people to open small businesses.

We found that there are many unemployed youth who are unable to find funding from microfinance institutions and banks. These funds will be distributed by a small group of people by 1O Small and Medium Business . Each group will receive 500,000 CFA Francs (US$ 1,000) to start their creative activities. This makes a total of 30 selected SMEs and 300 people in the project.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We are looking for partners interested in funding the project through the provision of volunteers on our site.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Total 15 million CFA francs (US$ 31,000) for the budget for project funding for 2014.

3,550,000 FCFA (US$ 7,300) to support students and pupils, pay tuition fees for students with good results, estimated 500 pupils.

1,400,500 FCFA (US$ 3,000) for the operating budget. We will be organizing several meetings exchanges between entrepreneurs of the region and heads of agency and bank credit unions.

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Africa: Senegal

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Education and training; Job creation and enterprise development


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    01 Feb 2016 06:31 GMT

    Oasis Charitable Trust
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Jyothy Prem says: Oasis Charitable Trust

    An appeal for Support


    Oasis Charitable Trust is a not for profit organization working in the slum clusters of Delhi and villages of Tamil Nadu to lessen the sufferings of a section of marginalized people of the society. Its services are open to people from all sections of society, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, gender and ethnicity. Trying to keep a good balance between the needs of the target area and the limited resources of the trust, it follows a multidimensional approach in its project implementation. In order to ensure holistic development of the target communities it offers services in the following fields.

    A. Education

    Oasis Charitable Trust is committed with its mission of educating and empowering the poor and needy from the underprivileged living conditions. Education is very vital in this process to bring positive and sustainable impacts in the lives of the marginalized people.

    Under its sponsorship program, OCT is supporting a child between 4 years to 18 years of age. But priority is given to ensure the education of the girl child from the similar circumstances.

    Child Sponsorship is a unique relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored child. The trust encourages regular contact between the sponsor and the sponsored child. When anyone becomes a child sponsor they will help a child to get out of the clutches of poverty and gift the child a future full of hope. It will also help the child and his family look beyond the miseries of their present day living. By paying Rs. 9000/- annually, the sponsor can make a lasting impact in their lives.

    B. Community Health

    The community health services of the trust give emphasis to the preventive and curative
    aspects of health care for lasting impacts among the target groups. Hence it regularly conducts workshops, and study classes to bring a behavior change in the communities. As part of its Reproductive Child Health Program, It ensures regular check up and immunization for the pregnant ladies and babies.

    C. Vocational Training

    Vocational training program of the trust is aimed to equip the adolescent girls and
    women who are mainly unemployed due to their low educational status, with additional
    skills that can enhance their earning capacity along with helping them to attain a state
    of dignity.

    D. SHG & Micro Finance

    SHG Micro finance program of the trust is the core activity of the trust. Empowerment of the women and emancipation of the family are the key principles leading this program forward. During a short span of time this program has liberated hundreds of families from the clutches of money lenders. This has inculcated a saving habit among the women and provided them with aspirations of a bright future.

    Beneficiary details

    Sl.No Name of program Activity Location Number of beneficiaries
    1 Education Preschool, REC Delhi 575
    2 Community health Health talks. Workshops, immunization Delhi, Tamil Nadu ,up
    3 Vocational training Sewing, Dressmaking Delhi, Tamil Nadu
    4 SHG, Micro finance SHG formation, capacity building Delhi, Tamil Nadu ,up

    Legal Status

    Registered under the Indian Trust Act 1860
    Vide Reg. No: 23939

    Contact Person

    Ms. Jyothy Prem
    Executive Director,

    Address for correspondence

    Executive Director
    Oasis Charitable Trust
    C/o. I P C, Pocket C-8 Market, Sector – 8, Rohini, Delhi -110085
    Telephone No: 011- 27941821, Mob: +91-9911391719

    Email Address :,