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Abexinah Orphans and Vulnerable Community

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Abexinah Orphans and Vulnerable Community, a rural community based organization which aims at empower the poor rural women and the suffering unemployed youth in Nyakiyumbu.
In Nyakiyumbu, a sub countery in Kasese District, that the overwhelming poverty is mostly a cute and of the most concern to the rural women and their households/community members, a great number of a widespread of groups of people particularly women and youth have mushroomed with a main activity to save and borrow from their savings. However it has been very significant that their levels of organization and capacity vary considerably as do methods and practices used and most of the groups are not benefiting much.

What is your project and how will it help?

The Savings and Credit Scheme remind the alternative cost effective way through which the rural poor women and members of the community can obtain sufficient amounts for working capital for income generating Investment (IGA), enterprises as well as save money for emergencies and other family expenses such as food, medical bills and school fees, etc.
The project proposal is about empowering the women and promoting their livelihood status through boosting their savings and credit scheme activities and build their capacity to identify , select , plan and manage income generating activities as well as managing credit/loans secured from their group.
The project is targeting to directly benefit 300 women and it is also estimated that that 1800 people will indirectly benefit from the project

The major objectives of concern are:
1. To increase income and employment opportunities among the women and their house holds
2. To build capacity of the women in activities and credit funds.
3. To improve access to sufficient credits a mounts for working capital required to expand or startup new income activities.
The major component activities will be
I. Provision of funds to boost the group savings fund so as to increase the groups Loan portfolio
II. To provide orientation training in IGA and Credit/Loan strategy
This organization’s major objective is to empower the women through instilling a sense of a culture of savings and intends to build the women`s capacity that will help them to be innovative in income generation investments using available resources.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Abexinah Orphans and Vulnerable community wants as more partners as possible to help save the suffering of the poor rural women and the suffering unemployed youth.
Local people partner with Abexinah by registering as a member and become active in the savings and credit scheme of paying Ushs 500(0.2 USD) weekly which we wish to boost to like USHS 10000(3.9 USD) a week after attaining the donor fund which will help boost businesses.
Donors can partner with us through funding, offering training to our local people.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Continuous mobilization (community contributed) 960,000ushs
Credit loan boost amount (donor) 21,616,000ushs
Supporting training facilitation (donor) 8,064,000ushs
Orientation training of incoming clients (community contributed) 250,000ushs
Training management committees (community contributed) 420,000ushs
Members continuous savings (community contributed) 900,000ushs
Training community IGA and credit strategy (donor) 210,000ushs
Procure Training Materials (community contributed) 37,000ushs
Fields supervision, loans and IGA`s (community contributed) 960,000ushs
Quarterly review meetings (donor) 990,000ushs
The estimated total cost of project is 34.407,000Ushs of which the community women contribution is 3,527,000Ushs
Our Request to the Donor is for the balance of 30,880,000Ushs = 11992.40USD

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Africa: Uganda

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