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Education and training for orphans and disabled people in Uganda

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Viola Foundation for Handicap, Orphans and Elderly

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We are an NGO that works for people with disabilities and also for vulnerable children, providing education and vocational training. We also run an orphanage where we provide food, support and health care. We want to extend our ability to support the children in our care and to work with other children who need our support to improve their lives.

We have seen how some of our partner organisations have worked with HIV/AIDS positive children, and what they have been able to achieve in terms of vocational training. We are looking to emulate this in our own project which is described below.

Basically, we want to provide holistic support for the children in our care. This will include vocational skills training, support to children still at school, and an improvement in the living conditions in the orphanage.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project is “holistic support for orphans and vulnerable children.” We want to improve on the quality of life the children currently enjoy. The project is intended to give vulnerable children the skills they need for a better life.

The project will support 50 orphans and vulnerable children in primary school with scholastic materials to ensure they are able to participate fully in the classroom and complete both primary and secondary education.

The project is also seeking funds to train other OVCs in practical and self-employable skills such as tailoring- 20 will be trained in modern tailoring/clothes design, 20 OVC boys will be trained in carpentry because wooden products are in high demand in every household. 20 OVC girls will be trained in hairdressing because this is also a booming skill and hairdressers are in high demand.

The project intends to provide essential items to the orphanage such as bedding, flat irons, and clothes and is looking for donations in kind.

The project will employ a full time counsellor for the children, and provide transport to health facilities. We will purchase food such as soya floor, cooking oil and beans to feed not only HIV/AIDS positive orphans but also other children within the orphanage.

The project will help to inculcate practical skills for self employment and enable orphans to earn an income and support others. The project will put the orphanage (Viola Foundation) in a better position to cater for the basic needs of the children and hence improve on the poor quality of life of vulnerable children.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Viola Foundation works with other Non governmental organizations targeting orphans and vulnerable children.

We are now looking for potential partners who can provide donations of the items we need, or the funds we are seeking.

Please detail the resources that you need.

- Tailoring:
Training fees for six months ($800 × 20 = $16,000), hairdryer, leasers
Seats per 20 girl orphans = $1000 × 20 = $20,000)

- Carpentry:
Training fees for one year per orphans = $1000 × 20 = $20,000
Start up carpentry kits to enable utilization of skills = $900 × 20 = $18,000

- Transporting costs for HIV positive orphans for treatment = 100 × 12 × 10 = 12,000

- Costs for essential needs such as clothes, bed sheets, flat iron, tables for a year is $30,000

- HIV/AIDS counsellor for psycho-social support = 500 × 12 = $6,000

- Management costs (Allowances) project manager and accountant for 12 months 450 × 2 × 12 = $10,800.

Please contact us for a detailed budget.

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