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Agricultural project for farmers in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

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Comité d’Entraide Familiale (CEF)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Farmers in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) generally have a low income. This is because of the following factors: a lack of water caused by unpredictable weather / rainfall conditions and poor irrigation; high labour costs per hectare due to poor access to main roads, as most small roads to the fields are deserted; a lack of knowledge about agricultural practices that could contribute to increased production, e.g. drilling line, spacing, seed conservation, avoidance of erosion, leaving arable land fallow; loss in selling food products because of non-standard measures (kg not measured accurately); lack of space to show or market their products, causing food products to be unsold for a long time, leading to deterioration of products and even fewer buyers; hoarding of money in their house with risk; theft and pillage by rogue elements.

Our project seeks to address these problems and thus help farmers to increase their income.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project aims to increase the income of farming households from agricultural activities and MUSO (System of Mutual Solidarity) activities. This will be achieved by:

- Improving irrigation in the fields, as the NgoviI river is accessible to the area and has a steady flow of water.

- Assisting the farmers to use machines and tractors which are available at the Fizi territory. This will improve productivity in 2 ways – firstly bt reducing manual ploughing and reducing labour costs, and secondly by developing deserted agricultural roads to improve access to the main road.

- Improving farming techniques by engaging CEF agronomists, facilitators and A2 qualified veterinarians to train the beneficiaries.

- Providing farmers with training and tools for standard units of measurement in the sale of farm products.

- Each village should have a place reserved for the construction of a small local market, and CEF can help to build the markets with shelves and warehouses for sale of food products and fruit.

- Promoting the “System of Mutual Solidarity” or MUSO (Mutuelle de Solidarité), which is a specific process to provide the villages with savings and loans. This will stop the farmers from hoarding money at home and provide initiatives to open bank accounts where villagers can deposit their money. The long term target is to build an agricultural cooperative managed by the farmers, with the support of micro-finance industry, where every member and beneficiary can obtain credits without paying high interest.

Detail Objectives of the Project:

The overall objective is to improve socio-economic conditions of agricultural household in FIZI territory, Tanganyika sector, Ake-LUSAMBO village and its surroundings. The specific objectives are:

1. Strengthen the livelihoods of farming households in the villages of Ake-Lusambo and its surroundings. 100 households will be strengthened in agriculture and microcredit.

2. Increase the farm household’s incomes from agricultural and microcredit activities.

3. Strengthen the marketing of agricultural products from the households.

4. Create MUSO structure in Ake / Lusambo villages and its surroundings.

5. Create a meeting space for buyers and sellers of various agricultural

6. Improve knowledge of farming household by training on agricultural practices, selling standards, and microcredit systems (rotative credits).

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We are looking for partners to:
- provide funding
- collaborate with us and help us to realizae and achieve this project
- local political administrative authorities of sector Tanganyika
- local organizations located in the village
- other leaders in the communities

Please detail the resources that you need.

The total budget for the project is USD 17,785 – the communities will provide USD 1,145 and we are seeking funding of USD 16,640.

Please see the attached budget and project proposal for details.

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