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Community-based family homes for orphans and vulnerable children in Bangalore, India

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Reaching Hand

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Reaching Hand have been working in the areas of rehabilitation of children from vulnerable communities by providing them a safe, protective environment where their basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education are met. The basic needs are critical at this point of time for the children who are vulnerable.

In the year 2006, we have started the project New Homes – a child protection and care centre. The children of New Homes are from broken homes, with or without single parents who are financially destitute, or because of weak or non-existent relationships with parents or step parents. They all need security, nurturing, guidance, and protection as they attend school to prepare for a responsible adulthood as leaders and productive citizens.

It’s a home not an institution! Reaching Hand doesn’t do orphanages. Instead, orphans are raised in a family environment. This fresh, dynamic approach to confronting the world orphan crisis through establishing and supporting community-based family homes has proven to be extremely successful.

What is your project and how will it help?

NEW HOME – A child protection and care centre

Homeless and impoverished orphans in rural & urban Bangalore are in need of care and education. When children lose their parents to an illness like AIDS or in accident working in the construction sites or because of alcoholism, a relative usually takes in the child and cares for them.

When no relative is able to care for a child, they are forced to live on the street and for that child, all hope is lost. Life is hard enough for a child when s/he steps into the street.

Poverty in childhood is a root cause of poverty in adulthood. Impoverished children often grow up to be impoverished parents who in turn bring up their own children in poverty. In order to break the generational cycle, poverty reduction must begin with children.

Reaching Hand provides young children with a clean living environment, nutritious food, schooling needs, value-based education, extra-curricular activities and life skills.

Our objective is to help today’s children become responsible leaders of tomorrow and contribute to their family, society and country. We care for these children without regard for race, religion, culture, national origin, or financial or social status. The purpose of the home is to nurture, guide, and inspire children to be honest and simple, have a healthy life. The goals of the homes are to help children become responsible citizens of their community, hold fulfilling jobs, and care for their fellow man.

Together, we can make an enormous difference in the lives of these children who, without our care & support will continue in the poverty cycle. These children will be the future leaders within their communities and hopefully beyond into the broader horizons of India. They will always take with them the comfort of our love and the appreciation of the opportunities; they have been given to enhance their lives both now and in the future.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We consistently work and exchange ideas and best practices with other organizations as we strongly believe that the community already has the resources to meet the developmental needs of disadvantaged children. Hence, we explore opportunities for collaboration with every individual and agency in implementing each of our programs. We have been working closely with individuals, volunteers, well wishers, grant agencies, corporate and local community leaders to bring change in the lives of vulnerable young children.

We need trainers who can train our staff in child care. We need active volunteers who can teach sports, music, dance, and soft and life skills to our children. We also need donors and sponsors who can contribute their resources to help us bring substantial change.

Please detail the resources that you need.

The project is entirely run on donation. Our well wishers and volunteers have been a great source of support till now. We need USD 70,000 per year to give our children their basic needs such as nutritious food, safe shelter, clothes, quality education and skill development opportunities.

We are always on the look out for in-kind donation from our donors, such as:

  • fridge
  • microwave
  • washing machine
  • computers & laptops
  • chairs
  • cot
  • table
  • shoes
  • uniforms
  • bags
  • etc…

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