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Funding & volunteers for Girls At Risk Support Unit (GARSU) in Uganda

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Girl Child Network Uganda

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Girl Child Network (GCN) UGANDA envisions a society where girls are empowered and enjoy their rights with support from whole communities so as to walk in the fullness of their potential.


  • Mobilizes whole communities to eradicate patriarchal structures that dominate homes, schools, and the communities in order to support and devel
  • nsures girls at risk and most vulnerable to abuse are rescued and empowered to speak out and through provision of safe shelter and strong referral to legal and medical aid stand up to defend their rights.
  • Supports girls to be in school and advocates for violent free school environments so that girls get maximum benefits from education.
  • Provides vocational training and a savings and loans program for teenage mothers and school drop outs.

What is your project and how will it help?

The Girls At Risk Support Unit (GARSU) program;

The proposed activities are set forth below:
o Provision of legal and medical aid for girls
o Establish the first free hotline in Uganda.
o Develop a network of volunteer/paid medical and legal experts to help provide services with the girls’ cases
o Provide support and regular follow up to victims of sexual abuse
o Follow up on cases and hold responsible authorities accountable

o Empowering victims and potential victims of child abuse
o Enroll girls in GCN’s counseling and rehabilitation program
o Encourage girls to stay in school and assist school dropouts to go back to school
o Provide vocational skills trainings and start-up loans
o Conduct workshops, trainings and street theatre to raise awareness on child abuse

o Empowering the community to protect children from violence, abuse and exploitation
o Produce and disseminate information on child abuse and children’s rights
o Carryout campaigns against child abuse in 4 districts in Uganda
o Conduct a nationwide media advocacy campaign to raise awareness on child abuse
o Advocate for access to justice and enforcement of children’s rights in Uganda

Specific measurable outcomes include the following:
1. Established hotline and the number of calls received from girls and the case handled by GCN
2. Follow up on all cases initiated by GCN to ensure justice is served and produce bi-annual newsletters
3. A network of relevant stakeholders to provide complimentary services to girls created
4. Conduct trainings, workshops, campaigns and media advocacy and reach out to 600 girls directly and 2,000 community members over 1 year
5. Provide counseling services, school fees, vocational training, start-up loans to at least 600 girls

GCN’s goal is to serve the particular needs of girls. It is critical to empower girls because it gives them confidence and support to realize their fullest potentials and to become responsible and contributing citizens in the overall development of the country. Girls cannot contribute to the nation’s development if they are hurting because they were abused and left without justice, counseling, rehabilitation and reinstatement to school.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

1. Expertise: Any organization that involve working with the girls, parents, community leaders, health workers, teachers, police, lawyers and the judiciary are welcome to share their knowledge on how to contribute.

2. Local support: The program will need local institutions to build the program as it will be a part of the Ugandan safty community for young women and girls.

3. Donations & Volunteers: Donations to this program are most welcome and any who want to volunteer their time.

Please detail the resources that you need.

To additional funding need is $ 10 000 (details in attached doc: GARSU)

1. 1 project staff member: US$1,920
2. Vocational training for 150 girls: 1,850
3. Legal and medical services for 150 girls: 500
4. Start-up kits and micro loans for 20 clubs: 2,000
5. Internet charges: 230
6. Transportation: 1,000
7. Property rental: 2,500

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