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Child development project, Uganda

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Revival Mission of Uganda

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Revival mission of Uganda – Child Development Project

Rukungiri CDC is a child Development Project owned by the Revival Mission Church – in Partnership with Compassion International Uganda.

It is situated in Eastern Division of Rukungiri Municipality. It has 264 registered children with 5-18 years. It comprises 141 girls and 121 boys manned by 4 project staff.

The programme is holistic, church based, focused on community impacting, church growth and leadership development.

Vision for this project -
Transformed mature adults living fulfilled economically, social and physically in our communities of Western Uganda.

Mission for this project -
We exist as Revival Mission churches to raise standards of living among families, church members and communities by volunteerism love and care for behaviour change and transformation.

What is your project and how will it help?

This project is about:

• Giving 300 children access to their first library and to raise a standard of sports by providing a recreation centre for these children.

• Raising leaders (capacity building) to manage these programmes of sustainability, reduce dependency syndrome, put on professionalism, work on global economic crisis, and acquire good communication skills.

• Improving parenting skills, children’s education, care especially for girl children, promote behaviour change (abstinence in youth and faithfulness among couples/married)

• Offers psychosocial support, restoring hope and love to vulnerable children and local communities.

• Build character and skills in children and adults using a sports centre.

• Provide a child friendly learning centre with one-on-one attention, fulfilling our vision of releasing children from poverty.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Partnership is requested in the following areas:

•Raise/donate computers and open up computer schools for this project that will also make our data and management efforts effective.
•Promote church and Community ownership of Project and lobby for more partnerships for us.
•Revamp games and sports to National/International levels in Rukungiri Municipality and District.
•Introduce games/sports, athletics, netball, volley ball, tennis, swimming, badminton, softball, basketball.
•Strengthen and make effective our gender based HIV/AIDS services in our communities.
•Develop strong partnerships to address health, social, economic and spiritual needs of our communities in Rukungiri Municipality/District so as to raise standards of living and household incomes.
•Promote our music, dance and drama by planting recording and recording studios, create competition plat-forms/galas to spot talents/promote cultural arts.
•support capacity building to church members and communities to become service providers in areas of nutrition, domestic violence, environmental care and protection, clean water, Malaria control, and sexual education.

Please contact us to get more information on how to partner with us.

Rukungiri Revival Mission Church will serve as a focal point for all Church Based child activities in the District of Rukungiri for official operations. This office and project act as pilot programme in the first year 2012-2013 as MULTIPURPOSE building with multipurpose halls that shall house Children’s Church, computer school, library, counselling rooms, recreation rooms etc.

To train volunteers and caregivers in key aspects that will bring development holistically. To provide support for sustainability of the project and capacity building to church members and communities to become service providers in areas of nutrition, domestic violence, environmental care and protection, clean water, Malaria control, sexual education, etc.

(social, spiritual, cognitive & physical) support/IGA’s for self-reliance and support that requires more land, enough for future (child/youth) development programmes to provide parents/guardians/fulltime workers of the children Income-generating activities for self-reliance and support to their households. Projects like that shall take off in the third year after other structures are in place.

Our vision and mission is to help children grow into fulfilled as adults who are physically, spiritually, cognitively and socially sound and upright.
We are using sports and related activities to offer psychosocial support, restore Hope and Love to the vulnerable children: involving local communities to build and tap the children’s talents building, developing and restoring relations and character in children and adults as well. Building a Sports Academy, providing coaching skills, education on sports and HIV/AIDS, Football- Crusades for both boys and girls.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Please see attachment for detailed budget.

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