Sustainable Development for All

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Sustainable Development for All (SD4ALL) is a non- governmental organization with its headquarters in Dar es Salaam region. The organization was established in January 2017 and got registered in May 2020 in Tanzania under Non Governmental Organization Act 2002, registration number 00NGO/R/1104.

SD4ALL aims to ensure the community is fighting against poverty, ignorance and gender discrimination. Particularly, women and youth in Tanzania have been facing with problems of being exploited, poor living condition, in access of education services, health services and poor infrastructures. These hinder future development and sustainability despite governments’ efforts in eradicating the said problems.

Envision Community in where all women and youth are nurtured to reach their fullest potential.

Improve women and youth community livelihood through creative community based strategies to enhance social and economic opportunities.

1. Promote women and youth initiatives through advocacy partnership, collaboration, social outfit models, institutional mechanism, supporting new technologies and initiatives and combination of thereof that can accelerate progress for women and youth.
2. Promote environmental development initiatives through advocacy and awareness.
3. Promote gender equality and human rights through advocacy and awareness
4. Promote entrepreneurship skill to women and youth.

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