Esperanza Initiative on Disability (EID)-Uganda

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Esperanza Initiative on Disability-Uganda is a voluntary, not for profit non-governmental organization established in 2019 with focus on elevating lives of persons with disabilities through :
1. Availing data and research to inform policy formation and review. Crafting interventions at all levels to address the specific circumstances of persons with disabilities in relation to climate change together with those of their families and assuring inclusive approach to disaster preparedness and Management.
2. Inclusion of all people; including persons with disabilities in mainstream health policies and laws, programming and services, training programs, research, and funding streams basing on two principles to promote Inclusive health (Equitable access and full participation) so that everybody benefits from improved health outcomes and to enhance protection of people with disability to reduce the workload of families in care-giving tasks and to also reduce the rate of acquiring and spreading of disease.
3. Providing information to people with disabilities about human rights and identifying instances of discrimination to empower them to advocate for themselves as their voices are amplified for inclusive change.
4. Empowering Persons with Disabilities through bridging gaps for inclusive Human rights; Gender based violence, Economic Empowerment, Health and Nutrition, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Education and Reproductive health and rights.
EID focuses on inclusion through research, formation and review of policies to observe PWDs inclusiveness to make happiness, enjoyment and fulfilment a reality in PWDs lives, their families and communities

Effectively Inclusive society for all

Ensuring adequate and equitable services accessible for all with special attention to redressing barriers to inclusion

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1 million - 100 million

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Mother to mother Jinja district local government

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