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Tailoring widows’ project implements vocational training programs providing free training in Tailoring and Dressmaking for 120 disadvantaged and venerable girls and women in Kisumu County Slums, Kisumu City in Kenya. The support requested is to equip our vocational School with modern machinery to provide value added and market focused training to make the vulnerable group economically empowered.
Young widows, women and girls are living in adverse poverty are mostly illiterate and lack adequate and effective education a well as training and equipping for the labor market. They are without access to land rights or lacking access to reliable low interest micro-financing for start ups. Lack of necessary tools and skills requisite for the participation in economy has continued to hold women to the seat of poverty, subsequently many are involved in drugs and prostitution and HIV.
Free TAILORING training is a sufficient incentive to register students. We use standard training and internship curriculum that effectively makes a GRADE 3 tailor within 1 year. Our activities will include; Surveys, data collection, registrations, equipment purchase, teaching, internship, in-kind micro schemes, follow ups, evaluation and reporting and finally implement an In-Kind Micro-financing to graduate students to begin their own tailoring initiatives to become self-reliant and sustainable
The goal of TAILORING WIDOWS is to train a minimum of 40 students per year through a detailed certificate course in Tailoring and Dressmaking. This turnover is an enormous skilled-labor force which can effectively meet the community’s tailoring needs. Tailoring skills are a life time investment, portable and transferable. Our project foresees a future of self-reliant and self-employed tailors effectively meeting the needs of the families and serving communities where they live.



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