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Food production project for vulnerable youth in Congo

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Active Women for the Protection of the Environment

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Improving the socio-economic autonomy and participation of marginalized youth through small-scale legume cultivation and livestock breeding in Makobola, Fizi Territory, South-Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
The consequences of these horrible war-time events remain visible today: more than 65% of the children in Makobola are orphans without assistance, and many have become street children. Illiteracy and ignorance are very high among the group of 12 – 18 years old, who are also exposed to alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, domestic violence and other degrading practices. The future of these children is not assured, since no preventive measures have been taken which could permit their social reintegration. No actions or programms have been implemented in order to promote schooling, psychosocial support, health, economic integration, social participation, or youth leadership development. Therefore, there is an urgent need to set up programms for young people which allow for their socio economic integration and promote their participation in decision-making. FAPE proposes a project aimed at accomplishing this, which would also promote objectives 1 and 7 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDS), relative to fighting poverty and hunger (MDG 1), and agriculture development, food autonomy, and access to safe water (MDG 7).

What is your project and how will it help?

The proposed project seeks to reinsert 100 youths in active social live, by means of promoting food production (legume cultivation and livestock rearing), as well as training and education (skills, knowledge and leadership development, including of conflict resolution).

1. Reduce the poverty and enhance the socio-economic autonomy of 100 targeted youths in Makobola, by means of a self-managed project of small-scale legume cultivation and livestock rearing, which aims for job creation and self-sustainability in terms of food. This project, which also includes agricultural skills development and knowledge enhancement of marketing, aims to produce the following amounts:

- Onions: 100 m2 yields100kg x 3 harvesting seasons(one hectare will be cultivated)
- Tomatoes : 100 m2 yields500kg x 3 harvesting seasons (one hectare will be cultivated)
- Amaranths : 100 m2 yields 750 kg x 3 harvesting seasons (one hectare will be cultivated)
- Cabbage : 100 m2 yields 100 kg x 3 harvesting seasons (one hectare will be cultivated)
- Goats : one goat produces 1 – 2 baby goats a year, 50 goats will be supplied

2. Enhance participation of youth in decision-making, both in the project and in the local community more widely. In order to do so youth will be part of the management body of the project. Furthermore, at the end of the project 16 youth (half female) will be selected for leadership training (one session of 5 days) and designated as youth opinion leaders.

3. Achieve attitudinal and behavioral change of youth, by means of sensitization on schooling, family, financial management and reconciliation and conflict resolution. In total 4 trainings will be organized from 4 days per session.

4. Increase access to food and reduce poverty in the Makobola community as a whole. Since food production will increase due to the project, more food will be available in storage and at the local market. By being able to sell this food, incomes will be raised. Hence, the project is expected to have knock-on effects for the community as a whole, while also increasing community harmony by improving the conduct of youth

How can other people partner with you on your project?

People of good will can help us assisting the vulnerable communities in eastern DRC by offering goods.

Please detail the resources that you need.

1. Training Materials
Flip charts, Note books, Boxes of pens, Carbon paper, Training Brochures,
2. Project material
Seeds (Tomatoes, Onions, Cabbage, Amaranths), Goats, Sacks, Machetes, Hoes, Land (rental), Rental of tractors, Irrigator, Phytothérapie(herbal) products, Veterinary products, Building enclosure for livestock farm, Motorcycle AG100, Computer, Scanner, energy kit, Print, Copier, Office table, chair.

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Africa: Congo (Democratic Republic of the)


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