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Farming supplies and tools in Kenya

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Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Our major objective is to alleviate poverty in the community through creation of self efficiency among them. We work with the community to achieve the intended goals.
We are an organized community with aim of working together towards the welfare of each and every one of us to address our social economic challenges that faces us with time.
The group has found out that the vast community requires concerted efforts to improve its socio-economic welfare only if there is community participation and commitment.
The group is therefore committed to seek for resources that would change the community lifestyles from living in abject poverty to creation of wealth through agriculture.
The national statistics show that our region (Homa-Bay County) is one of the poorest counties in Kenya. Poverty in the region is manifested in lack of resources to implement viable and sustainable projects that are self income generating.
Although the group’s aim is to avail food security for its people, it has always been difficult since the group lacks essential tools and adequate farming materials to produce reasonable harvests that are enough to sustain the community up to the next season.
It has always been our wish to maintain food security for the community, but it has been hindered by the unrealistic weather and rain patterns, which have not been favorable. Most of the time they often don’t do well leaving the community to languish in famine and starvation.

What is your project and how will it help?

Our project is based purely in Agriculture. The community is engaged and is participating in well arranged weekly time table in tilling the small farms. They plant horticultural crops like cassava, groundnuts, finger millets, sorghum and maize.
The region is a savannah type of climate, with rainfall between February and May and short rains between Augusts to September.
The mentioned crops above do well in the region if any effect can be made to let the community have access to water reservoirs, to do irrigation during dry seasons and are to continue farming through the year.
The community uses oxen plough and the animals are not adequate to plough enough acre of land. They are few are often over used and grow tired and at times even die ,leaving people to till the land using hoes and jembes.
It is observed that if the community may have access to modern agricultural methods and machineries they are likely to improve the needed food supply for the community and also have food surplus for the next season and also for sale to supplement other essential needs.
This would actually address the poverty situation in the region. The community will have to make arrangement that the entire member’s participate equally and benefit equally. The members are to contribute in farm of material and lab our to make the project a success. The materiel contributions include offering pieces of land for use and time with oxen plough to do the pouching.

The group has a membership of 35 people: 15 men, 10 women and 10 youths. The group working under its provision and contribution that has been approved by the Kenya Government. It is a non-profit making and a non-political group and registered under the office of Attorney General, under the companies act cap (499) of the Republic of Kenya.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

The group welcome partnership with any willing partner who are able to assist in the time of need. We have no conditions for partnership except the willing partner is from outside Kenya must receive approval from the government and come down to work with us to continue making support towards the community welfare either through funding or through acquisition of farm machinery and other Agroverts to increase our productivity and maintain food security to the community.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Goods or funding for it.

- We are planning to put up two greenhouses with water systems that flow continuously.
- We are planning to acquire walking tractors so that we can plough reasonable farms.
- We need to have farm implements e.g. improved Jembes, folks, spades, seeds and pesticides.
- We need to have water reservoir tanks and pipes for making irrigation of our crops.
- We need protective clothing so that we are not exposed to the danger of pesticide chemicals.
- We need to put up a small size farm store fort keeping our farm produce for community distribution.
- Petrol and fuel for the tractor.

Greenhouse 1 @ US $ 4,000 = 4,000
Walking tractor 1 @ US $ 3,000 = 3,000
Jembes/folks, spades/water cans/wheelbarrows = 1,000
Water tanks 3 @ 1000 = 3,000
Seeds = 3,000
Administration = 2,000


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