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Funding and Material Support to Teach Deaf Children Sign Language in Uganda

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Reach Out to Deaf Children in Busoga - Uganda (RODCIBU)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We would like to help deaf girls who drop out of school at the primary level to join sign language training institutions, to acquire skills for survival in their communities. Girls in the Busoga region of Uganda at large drop out of primary school due to lack of capability to pay for school fees.

There are approximately 2000 deaf girls, aged 15 years and above, in the region of Busoga that we are seeking to target.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project is called “sign language training for the deaf girls in the Busoga region”. It will help deaf girls who drop out of school to acquire skills for self reliance in their communities. These girls will gain independence as they will be able to employ themselves and also offer employment to others in the community.

As the girls join the training institutions, they will be taught sign language, making communication with their peers and others easier for them. The project will also help the parents of deaf children to unite, and share knowledge and transportation. We will empower the parents to advocate and lobby for the rights of their deaf children in Busoga region.

Currently, 150 students (100 girls and 50 boys) have already enrolled for sign language training but due to a lack of funding, the training program has not yet begun.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

We are looking for partners that can help with: funding, volunteering, and project management.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Material Resources:

Scholastic materials including but not limited: suitcase, bedsheets, blanket, mattress, books, pens, ream of paper,manilla, sanitary pads, toilet papers, brooms and pillow.

We would like to request for office computers (three) with their accessories, photocopying machine, scanner and printer for management information system.

Financial Resources:

Community education = US$ 1,785.71
Tuition (per year = $297.6) for 20 girls = US$ 5,952
Uniform (per year per child = $ 119.04), for 20 girls = US$ 2,380.8
Training material for 20 girls = US$ 2,380.8
Up keep of students for 20 girls = US$ 1,190.4
Total: US$ 13,689.71

This budget is for 20 girls, although with more donations we hope to take more girls on.

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