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Health among youth with disabilities, Uganda

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Voice Of Hope Children's Village Uganda (VOHCVU)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Substantial amount of information about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) among orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) especially HIV infection has been disseminated to communities but most of them are not sustained because of:
• Lack of counselors within the communities,
• Communities’ change of behavior particularly due to the Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp life experience which in the overall endangered the lives of the population,
• Lack of human resources to reach the target population and even when they do manage to go out and give sensitization talks, very few people are willing to attend,
• Lack of revolving fund for the infected and affected people to sustain a livelihood as a source of family income,

As a result of the above situation affecting the communities, Voice of Hope Children Village Uganda (VOHCVU) will implement the “HIV/AIDS Community outreach and Psychological/Spiritual/Social Services and Basic Care Treatment and Prevention”

Project aims at achieving the following:

• Mobilizing community counseling aides for home based care of HIV/AIDS patients
• Provision of voluntary counseling and testing
• Sensitization at household and community levels
• Training of community facilitators to sensitize community members
• Initiation of income generating activities (IGAs)

What is your project and how will it help?

The aim of project is to empower the OVCs so that they can participate in combating HIV infection and do home based care to those infected with HIV/AIDS.

To achieve the above goal, project has the following specific objectives:

• To increase support and promotion of awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention in project area,
• To increase community/home based care services for HIV/AIDS patients,
• To provide voluntary counseling and testing for HIV to community members,
• To provide clinical care of opportunistic infections for HIV in partnership with other stakeholders,
• To train and support community health workers (CHW),
• To introduce income generating activities (IGAs) for those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

VOHCVU is a full member of COMMANET NGO Network and has developed a number of useful collaborative linkages with other organisations or institutions that are crucial for the effective implementation of this project.VOHCVU has signed a memorandum of understanding with Districts in Lango for the implementation of an alternative basic education programme.

Other people can partner with us by helping us with funding.

Please contact us for further information.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Please contact us for a detailed budget of our activities.

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Africa: Uganda

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HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, health and medical


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