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Educate steet children in poultry farming in Uganda

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Educate a Child-street Children

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We are a Community Based Organization working with communities in
both urban and rural areas with a purpose of supporting marginalized
orphans and other vulnerable children for a better future.

As a Community Based Organization, Educate a Child-Street
Children-Uganda is seriously engaged in various rehabilitational
activities like music, dance and drama, games and sports, reading and
writing, guidance and counseling, arts and craft making, gardening and
agriculture work etc. These rehabilitational activities help
vulnerable children be creative and help them forget their passed
hardships they had experienced.

• Advocate for education of vulnerable children
• Create awareness on causes of poverty
• Advocate for rights of children
• Support vulnerable children with basic needs of life, food, shelter, medication, education etc.
• Start up self help income generating projects at a local level like
financial, agriculture, business projects etc.

What is your project and how will it help?

Kids Poultry Farm program is the project proposed. It will be run under Educate a child-street children-Uganda.

Kabale district is a densely populated area and the majority of people living there are young youth and vulnerable children who are jobless due to the fact that Uganda’s poor conditions does not favor them, like unemployment, poverty, too much competition, corruption, inadequate financial support, poor leader ship, among many others.

As a result, most vulnerable children and youth in the area have even failed to start up some small business enterprises to support them, and this has exposed them to many risks and dangers where some have resorted to marijuana smoking, ambushing people at night and even during day hours, robbery, murder, rape, and all other sorts of evils.

They have decided to involve them selves in these acts not because they like it but they have no alternative, neither do they have an option, but they do this for survival.

Therefore, the purpose of this project is to find simple ways of helping all these vulnerable children/persons acquire knowledge and skills on how to manage poultry and how best they can use it to get some financial support to them selves and others as this will help them address most of their problems, hence fighting poverty that is the main cause of all troubles.

This idea came up after when we carried out a research on why the number of vulnerable children have continued to increase on the streets day by day, hence they even continue to suffer too much due to lack of income to do/start up their own small enterprises, and all these have denied them many opportunities in their lives.

Thus, a poultry project was suggested to be introduced in the names of “KIDS POULTRY FARM” under the project EDUCATE A CHILD-STREET CHILDREN- UGANDA:

Therefore, for the project to start, it will need both direct and indirect implementers and supporters who will contribute financially, materials, time, information and other related to that for the project to start.
The total cost of the project will be US$ 20.592

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Other people can partner with us by sharing information, and knowledge on how to run such a project, they can also make inquires through contacting us.

Please detail the resources that you need.



US$ 20,592

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