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Funding to provide basic necessities to orphans in Kenya

Requested by

One World Childcare

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We are trying to help specifically orphans and street children from very poor backgrounds. We aim to provide food, school uniforms, shelter and healthcare for them, as they are lacking in these basic necessities. By doing so, we aim to provide them with not only their basic needs, but with confidence and feelings of equality in their environment and in school.

These orphans have no kin to rely on. Our intervention is crucial as it will prevent high drop-out rates. Without an education, these orphans are often exploited when in search for survival needs. We also provide rehabilitation of street children by enrolling them in public schools or polytechnics for the acquisition of skills for survival. Our main partners are public and neighborhood schools. So far, we have established one such centre at Darajambili primary school. This centre houses 145 orphans and 16 street children.

However, this centre is only able to care for 60 orphans and 16 street children. The other 85 are likely to drop out of school due to unbearable conditions, although they are willing to learn. Your support in terms of funding and resources are appreciated, if extended to us. We shall work tirelessly to avert this crisis.

What is your project and how will it help?

Our project is ONE WORLD CHILDCARE and is dedicated to providing basic necessities to the orphans and street children. This also provides equality assurance for them in school, showing that this world is safe and enough for all of us regardless of class, color or status. By encouraging children to attend school, they undergo a educational process that fully equips them with the skills to be able to make informed choices later in life.

This project, when fully implemented will challenge caregivers and parents to be more responsible in the way they handle and provide for their children. It will best illustrate that basic necessities are the most essential type of human rights that any child deserves unconditionally.

Members of the public shall also embrace realistic approaches in the way they relate to street children. For instance, they will realize that like any other child, street children also need kindness, care and a forgiving heart. It is our strong belief that many children will be given an opportunity to explore their natural talents and ultimately, be one step closer to realizing their dreams. Through this, dignities of many children shall be restored.

Through our guidance and counseling sessions, we shall be able to curb the spread of HIV/Aids by teaching the children to employ the right peer influence. This will in turn, greatly help our country. Drug abuse might also reduce significantly if we educate these children, and let the war be championed by former street children who were addicts themselves.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

You can partner with us in the following ways:

1. Provision of the resources needed for programme enhancement – Financial funding, material donations, expertise and volunteer services

2. Donors who are able to fund our activities to a larger extent

We will be providing our partners with an allocated space on our website for advertisement and marketing purposes. We will also provide our staff to help in disseminating information regarding our partners and their programmes, dependent on partnership agreements.

The contact person, who is the CEO of OWC, is Robert Obare Ohanga.

Please detail the resources that you need.

FOOD BUDGET – 1,994,750

TOTAL 5,507,300 (US$ 64,000)

In the budget proposed, the food and uniforms requested can be segmented into consumables. The public address system and sewing machines are factors that will lead to sustainability as it will enable business ventures. They will also, in time, reduce the cost of production when our own uniforms can be made.

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