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Providing employment to 100 indigenous women and youth in India

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Tribal Enterprises (Bible Hill Youth Club)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Hill indigenous people in North East India are living under US$ 1 a day (Rs. 80/-) with no opportunity to trade, develop skills or generate income other than the shifting cultivation and forest products.

Their rights as human beings are denied. Their land, territories and resources are manipulated by others.

Women are exposed,vulnerable, and often sexually abused. Limited access to skill development training, income generation and employment opportunities while women and youth needs are rising.

We are providing socio-economic development opportunities by imparting broad-based weaving skill and produce of market-based, eco-friendly products. A Self-determination development with cultural identity.

With women empowered, earning income (US$ 4-5) a day will help to provide education for their children, afford basic health care facilities. Every year about 20 children die of simple disease because of lack of medicines. We are going to help solve the social and economic problems. Setting up Youth Business Groups will minimize militancy in the areas and minimize early deaths.

What is your project and how will it help?

This project is a self-determination development program with cultural identity. Imparting innovative weaving skill training to indigenous women and unemployed youths using eastern-based technology, locally developed. Enable women and youths to produce innovative designs of market-based eco-friendly products (US$ 60-80 a piece) which enable them to earn US$ 4-5 a day.

1. Install 10 new weaving machines to increase production of the market-based eco-friendly products, to meet the rising market demands.

2. Conduct broad-based skill training in weaving, designing and tailoring. Organize social marketing events to promote the project products.

3. Mobilise the indigenous communities, conduct training and workshops helping them identify their problems and solutions.

4. Develop the machines to automation for increase production.

5. Help to reduce extreme poverty, at least by 30%.

6. Enhance the Project Revolving Fund for innovative financial services to the low income groups/consumers, help them feel empowered with the power to make financial decisions on their own.

7. Create linkages of the local business and financial institutions with the Women and Youth Business Groups, where they will continue to get access to relevant information and financial services.

8. Train youths in innovative designs of modern women traditional wears.

9. Increase the weaving machines to 10 every year, providing 100 regular employment to indigenous women and youth in the process.

10. The Women Saving & Credit Groups and Youth Business Groups will continue to facilitate the Revolving Fund for sustainability and wider coverage.

11. Replicate the project to another settings for wider coverage and sustainability.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

1. Other people can help the project by funding it, part or full.
2. Technicians can help us in developing automatic for the weaving machines.
3. Others can help me produce fabric of the products, improved designs to meet the rising market demands.
4. Investors or financial institution can help us fund the project for growth.
5. Others can help in donating industrial (loom) materials or shuttleless handloom machine(s).
6. Partnership can be build on Technical and Financial.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Full Project funding: US$ 50, 000 (Financial Partner)
Part Funding (20% holding): US$ 20, 000
part Funding (10% holding): US$ 10, 000
Donation for Revolving Fund: US$ 5 – $ 100. (Become Life Member)
Supporting 10 Women Training: US$ 1, 000 (Become Patron Member)
Supporting 10 Youth Training: US$ 1, 000 (Become Patron Member)
Helping One Women Group formation: US$ 500 (Become Patron Member)

Vehicle to transport women trainee who needs to walk 5-6 Km: Become Patron Member

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    21 Dec 2013 05:56 GMT

    (For-profit organisation)

    ElizabethWood says: Good Day to you Sir,
    How's life with you? sorry if i'm invading to your privacy, I'm a widow currently here in the camp London, i'm just contacting you for partnership business, i want to make an investment there in your country but i don't really know how is been done i'm seeking to have a partnership with you to enable me achieve my target,which i need to come over to settle there, please bear with me i don't know any body in your country that is why i decided to contact you here don't be offended. The funds for the business is already available, these are the funds my late husband left behind before he was assassinated by unknown persons, feel free to share your views with me, i wait urgently to see your mail Thank you and God Bless you.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Wood

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    20 Apr 2014 04:14 GMT

    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief and Rehabililtation
    Unverified non-profit organisation

    Central Co-Ordination Committee of Minority Relief And Rehabilitation N.G.O says: To,
    Respected Providing employment to 100 indigenous women and youth in India
    Dated :- Al-Amin Orphanage Matiapara No.1 20-04-14
    Sub:- Prayer for financial help and accommodate.
    With due reference we beg to state that, As after the clash of B.T.A.D (Assam)violence the educated and the workless boys has formed an N.G.O by the help of this N.G.O has opened an orphanage those children’s who has no parents, as well as they were sort out during the clash their childs are in this orphanage. Till today in this orphanage ,there is 42 (fourty two) Children’s has been taken admission, along with 6 (six) teachers, 4 (four) cookers and 2 (two) chowkidar to maintains the orphanage. But it is difficult to maintain, it with huge amount of money nearly 20 lakhs annually, even with good buildings and proper boundary and many more things which is essential in day to day life.
    Hence, Sir we request your to take necessary steps as soon as possible. We shall be ever grateful to you. Thus oblige.
    Thanking you…
    Yours faithfully
    President Secretary
    Saidur Islam Nurul Islam Ph.+919957481462
    Orphanage details :-
    Village :- No.1 Matiapara
    P. O. Sapkata
    P. S. Sapkata
    Dist. Kokrajhar B.T.A.D Assam India
    ph. +919957481462

    1. 32 orphans child's
    2. 6 teacher
    3. 4 cooker
    4. 2 Chowkidar