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Ndoto Yango community and education centre in Tanzania

Requested by

Hope for Community Development and Consultancy Organisation (HOCODECO)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Ndoto Yangu Community Center (NYCC) believes that every human being has got his/her own dream that he would like to accomplish. NYCC wants to eradicate the extreme poverty by creating a learning center where by poor and marginalized children and youths of Kitomonto Ward will use it to gain vocational training skills for them to be able to secure their future employment.

Most of those children and youths are poor and orphans while others are the victim of extreme poverty which is facing their parents.

NYCC will provide educational resources like libraries which expects to have different reference materials for their studies. The Center will also posses professional trainers and facilitators from inside and out side the country who will work as part time and voluntary basis

NYCC will provide inter cultural exchange where we have received many request from abroad students who would like to do internship and summer training.

NYCC expectation is to create employment to coastal children and youths who are alarming at the street after completing their primary schools and secondary school without knowing what to do and eventually forced to get involved in evil activities like drug abuses, HIV/AIDS.

NYCC will also provide meeting places for community development activities. for example Educating people like family planning,education for combating diseases and environment conservation.

What is your project and how will it help?

The project will be operating in Mkuranga districts (Pwani Region)-TANZANIA.

Ndoto Yangu means My Dream. NYCC is a new project aims at creating conducive and sustainable learning environment to children and youths of Kitomondo ward in Mkuranga Districts. However, NYCC will be able to accommodate different people (children and youths)from other wards in Mkuranga districts as well as anyone from any part of Tanzania.

Girls who fails exams are forced to early marriage and others used to go to the nearby cities like Kibaha, Chalinze and Dar es salaam to seek cheap labor like to be house maids while boys found themselves doing hard works (spending the whole day cutting trees for the charcoal) but due to lack of education and skills both girls and boys eventually encountered themselves in evil and dangerous activities like prostitution, drugs, or becoming thieves.

Due to the extreme poverty parents do not afford to take their children to further education or help them to secure any vocational training skills that can strongly help them to either employ themselves or be employed.

At the beginning the Center will provide the following Cervices
• Free meeting and studying place for children and youths
• Languages training courses (English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish to Tanzanian) Swahili to foreigners
• Basic computer courses and life skills
• Arts and Entrepreneurship
• Health awareness HIV/AIDS,Malaria
Current requirement
• one class (open hall ),volunteer accommodation house 3 rooms,1 bathroom and toilet room. An office for administration.
• Teaching materials (pencils, pens, papers, painting colors, chalks, black boards,computers,projectors,digital camera both stereo and video, any kind of balls (footballs, netball, volleyballs etc
• Chairs and desktops
. A small fund to support a 5-10 minutes Village video documentary that will be used for fundraising
. Community van that can help to take patients to hospitals especially pregnant women who are required to walk for a long distance.
. allowances to facilitators

How can other people partner with you on your project?

In HOCODECO “We strongly believe that, we need collective power and sharing of resources to reach at the apex of our desire”.

Through working with HOCODECO, Donors or partners can give differently whether it is their time, expertise, money or any resources (training Materials etc).

Through a mutual agreement, HOCODECO will always work close with a partner to insure right and intended SERVICE is delivered in accordance to partners wishes and wants.

It is through partnership where HOCODECO will be able to impart an appropriate topic and required SERVICES to the Tanzanian majority to enhance their change in life due to skills and knowledge attained.

However, partners are willing to donate anything like used clothes, money, teaching equipment or building materials.

We have sponsorship program for our children where any one can be a sponsor. a sponsor is willing to do monthly, quarterly or annually contribution. A sponsor will be free to visit the student or sponsored child at any time.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Sauti Yangu Community Center needs building, electricity installation, teaching materials, furniture and sustainability fund.

1. Buildings 100,000US$

2. Electricity 20,000US$

3. Furniture 20,000US$

4. Sustainability fund 40,000$US

Total: 200,000$US

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Project funding; Provision of goods

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Africa: Tanzania (United Republic of)

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Children, youth and family welfare; Education and training


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