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Vehicle to reach the children in interior villages, India

Requested by

Nava Jeevan Trust

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

Nava Jeevan Trust started to involve with the rural poor in India in two Blocks initially. Now with the systematic planning and involvement, 256 volunteers have been adopted for different activities. Among these villages four Block Level Women’s Federations are established covering a membership of 75 each. The members of the federation involved in the issues related to women.

• A free Legal Aid Centre cum Women’s Guidance Cell is functioning at Alangulam to help the women who come for help with different problems. The legal centre is looked after by a lady advocate who is well experienced in dealing the cases of women.

• Pre- schools are functioning in four villages of Kadayam and Pappakudy Block. The children between 3 to 5 years age are admitted and given education in these schools. The schools are managed by Nava Jeevan Trust and the local communities.

• Child Rights campaign is carried out in all the 19 Blocks of the District. The local communities are extending support for this activity.

• Multi media campaign is organized in the selective villages of the District. The trained women staff and women, volunteers perform street dramas, folk dances in the villages. On an average the above programme will be organized in 7 villages in a week.

• Staff capacity building and skill trainings are organized at regular intervals.

Our organisation is in need of a vehicle in order to help more people.

What is your project and how will it help?

1. The village based children’s Club, Eco Club, Health Club meetings, trainings need to be monitored and facilitated, in which 838 children are benefited.

2. To organize the Drawing Campaign for 442 children from 13 Govt. schools, the vehicle will be very vital.

3. To facilitate the 838 children to participate the Children’s Get-together / Children’s Camp event.

4. To organize Block Level Health Camp for 838 Children and their parents

5. To transport the medicine, educational materials, and play goods, the vehicle will be very useful.

6. To help the referral children from the rural area to go for further treatment in the District Head Quarters Govt. Hospital.

7. Transporting the cultural trope from one place to another to perform programmes to perform the campaign activities in 150 villages.

8. We collaborate with the Govt. Departments especially with the Rural Health, Labour Social Welfare and Rural Developments and organize the programmes in the villages. To visit the offices and persons vehicle is very much essential.

9. Since all the villages are not connected with public transport system, we need our vehicle to transport the children during the campaign or camps.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

People can partner with us by helping us funding this vehicle.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Cost of Vehicle:
Nava Jeevan Trust aims to procure a Mahindra jeep of Bolero model, which is suitable for rural roads. Currently the total cost of the vehicle is Rs. 8,28,716/- (US$ 13,300)

The functioning of the vehicle will be as follows:

Total Cost of Vehicle : Rs. 8,28,716/-
Nava Jeevan Trust Contribution : Rs. 1,24,307/
Amount Requested : Rs. 7,04,409/- (US$ 11,300)

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Asia: India

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