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Seeking sponsors for the education of orphaned children especially girls in Kenya

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Foundation for Child Support and Development (formerly Camp David Centre)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We work with children who have been orphaned by Hiv/Aids or any other cause. Children from poor backgrounds especially girls as it is difficult for most of girls in Africa to acquire education. This is because many times they are married off at very young age while others have their education disrupted by harmful cultural pracices like Female Genital Mutilation.

It is even worse when the girl child is an orphan since that means they have no any chance of a better life. That is what Foundation for child support and development does. We fight the orphaned child as well as the girl child get an education to use as an insurance for their future.

What is your project and how will it help?

Our project seeks to provide sponsorships to orphaned children. These we do by seeking sponsors and well wishers to fund the education of these children. The sponsorship program provides tuition fees, health in the event the sponsored child is sick, food and food stuffs, school uniforms, stationary and sanitary pads for the girls.

By the program covering all the above and sometimes even more areas of needs for the sponsored child the child is assured of their education as especially their future is well secured.

Our operational centre is located on the edge of the city of Mombasa, near the MOI International Airport. Comprised of half an acre of land, the compound is home to administrative and social worker offices, a computer centre with cyber café, library, sewing room, clinic, kitchen and eight classrooms surrounded by growing vegetables and fruit trees.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Partnerships can be in many ways. This include raising money for the program, spreading the word about the program, organising medical camps to serve the community, digging boreholes , donating food stuffs to be used by the children, building a home for the children that are most affected and have no known relatives and many other things that can benefit these children and the community that they live.

Please detail the resources that you need.

To sponsor a child for a whole year requires 850 USD per child.
We are currently serving 330 children who are urgently in need of help.

Tuition fee for the children 300 USD per year
Food stuffs 200 USD per year per child
Clothing including school uniforms 200 USD per year
Medical cover 150 USD per year

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Doing business with the poor; Project funding

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Africa: Kenya


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    Jacy Ceccarelli says: Hello. We are interested in visiting your site and donating money to help your expenses. Where in Kenya are located?

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    ngoe collins were says: i am looking for partnership with this great organization,any interested party can join me and help me to work and help and the needy and orphans to get food and housing and education.any well wisher can contact me in the name of Jesus Amen.

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