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Volunteers and tools needed to empower the Youths, Widows, Vulnerable Women and Children with enterprising skills in Uganda

Requested by

Ladder Ministries Uganda (LMU)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

The Youths, Widows, Vulnerable Women and Children who have been in the internally displaced camps (IDPs) in the Northern Uganda for many years causing them to lag behind in terms of education, knowledge and skills which are transferable to the making of wealth and successful life.
These lots of people were also made incompetent in the areas of health, living in camps without enough information about HIV/AIDS led to very high spread of HIV/AIDS which inevitably lead to the death of parents as a result most of the children in the area lost parents and relatives. The sad result is many children left behind as orphans were unable to study due to lack of tuition and scholastic materials.
Our program’s focus is on the development of youths and children in livelihood skills and to have their spheres identified, developed, and empowered as forerunners of this program as they have the energy and enthusiasm to spread their knowledge, use the skills acquired and encourage others to become a part of a collective force to share this acquired treasure which is an essential in human development together for the good of the general communities.
Hoping to build the capacity of the widows and vulnerable women like child mothers, to train, empower, and equip them with vocational and work skills through informal training in enterprising or income generating activities to lead a healthier, happier and prosperous life.

What is your project and how will it help?

To offer information technology, music, improved agricultural practices and other approaches as a way of addressing the unwanted effects of abject poverty.

Involving the community during problem identification, planning, implementation and program evaluation process, and training the most vulnerable community groups such as widows, child mothers, the rural poor farmers, youths and children in computer knowledge skills, especially information access and networking, this in turn will greatly contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of their day to day chores in life. All these targeted group from very far and near will come and get training in Community Training Centers without difficulties since the institution is accessible, community focused and all our Community Trainers are loving, committed and willing volunteers.

Enhancing the social-economic capacities of these targeted audience and other vulnerable categories of people in the communities through asset based community development, thus working hand in hand and collaboration so as to achieve self reliance and sustainable livelihood skills like liquid soap making, making of bread, offering catering services, kitting, running of restaurants to the community as income generating activities towards growth through economic, health, education and poverty alleviation programs at grassroots level.
Providing effective music, dance, and drama training to the youths, women and children, empowering them to utilize these in sensitizing communities about HIV/AIDS, malaria and other dangerous diseases awareness, environmental and child protection and rights awareness, operating recording studios, video visual and audio recording and selling, staging music galas, entertaining participants in functions, parties, hence able to generate some incomes for their wellbeing.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

 We shall continue to partner with local leaders, opinion leaders, cultural, community elders, religious leaders and our health department, which shall assist in providing medical care to the program beneficiaries, the communities around and our staff.
 We are looking forward to work along with volunteers of all kinds and on a variety of expertise, who are loving, compassionate and willing to help, particularly on the area of training our Community Trainers team and help us and the community to grow, mature and implement our projected plans.
 Government owned and Privates companies which able to help us to obtain computers to install in Community Training Centers.
 International, national and local project partners those are happy to help and give us the training, tools, equipment, and materials for effective implementation of the various aspects of the program.

 Other people like churches, international, national, governmental, non-governmental and local NGOs around us can partner with our project by giving us the tools, equipment, instruments and materials for the various aspects of our program, this is because we lack funds for the purchase of all these items we need for these areas.

Please detail the resources that you need.

12 Volunteers who have experience and expertise skills in the areas stated below,and the goods as indicated and further specified in the proposal.

  • Instruments And Equipment For The Development of ICT Skills Among The Youths
  • Tools And Equipment For Tailoring Skill Impacting Activities
  • Instruments And Equipment For The Training of Youths in Music, Dance And Drama Skills
  • Tools And Equipment For The Development of Livelihood Skills For Widows And Vulnerable Women
  • Tools And Equipment For The Development of Livelihood Skills In Agricultural Enterprising Activities of Cropping And Animal Husbandry
  • Tools And Equipment For Development of Children’s Capacity To Address Their Social, Physical, Spiritual And Development Needs
  • Goods, Equipment, Material And Tools For Spiritual Development of The Communities (CHURCH)
  • Medical Tools, Equipment And Medicine For Free Medical Camp Services To The Communities

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Provision of services / personnel; Provision of goods

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Africa: Uganda

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Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry; Children, youth and family welfare; all (10)


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