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Request for Financial Grants for Our Newly Opening of Orphanage (Mercy Home) and Montessori English Schools for the Orphans in North East India

Requested by

Ezra Ministries (EM)

Who are you trying to help? What issue are you trying to address?

We have been running our ministries in our cities, villages here in our North East India for about ten years for reaching out people groups who are poor, destitute and underprivileged with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and materialistic supports to lead them into the eternal life, peace, and joy as they experience God’s hands with His provision through us. These people groups settle in the slum areas and their main works are to collect wast pares, iron peaces, glass and plastic bottles and many other wastes things which can be useful for their livelihood. As we are approaching to them, we came to know that they face all kinds of human problems some of which can be listed as follows.

1. Homelessness
2. Various Kinds of Diseases and Sickness
3. Easily Loosing of lives (short lives)
4. Orphan Lives of Children
5. Lack of Basic Educations
6. Lack of Reality of Life
7. Basic Hygiene and Sanitation
8. Lack of True Social Lives
9. Lack of Peace and Joy
10. and so on

Meeting all their needs in their lives are too much for us to do as we work among them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, it is essential for us to meet their basic needs to give them the reality of human lives in which they can experience the peace and joy of touching of God’s hands through us and many other global hands as we look for helping hands for supporting them to meet their basic needs through our ministries through as many other global hands.

What is your project and how will it help?

As per the description of our Memorandum of our Societies called Ezra Ministries (EM), we have so many other plants as per our objectives that we can take up in our North East Indian Reasons. But in this section, we will describe our projects and how will they help the people groups we are desiring to support with.

1. Mercy Home

Our Mercy Home is for the orphans (ages from 3 years and above) and also for the Widows (ages from 60 years and above) both of whom are to be taken care of spiritually and physically. It exists already and is located in Walford Main Road, Dimapur- 797 112, Nagaland, India. The building of the Mercy Home is rented one.

For the Orphans, to meet all their needs as human are essential. Some of the basic needs are listed as follows:

a. Home

Food and Clothing

c. Education

d. Parenting

e. Spiritual Counsel and Cares

f. Jobs or Professions (as they grow up)

g. Personal Settlements with Their Souses

We will care them until they settle them with their spouse in their own choice home in which they can survive themselves as they became adults.

For the Widows, to care them by meeting all their needs- spiritually and physically and enable them to live peacefully and joyfully by knowing God and their destination to Him and His Kingdom. One they join the home, they will live their until the have their last breadth.

To care both the people groups, we will follow all the necessary guidelines provided by the Government of India and spiritual guidelines as per our Holy Bible. However, the Widows Home in our Mercy Home will be taken up only after the orphanage is properly establish in our Mercy Home.

2. Montessori English School

To meet the educational needs for the orphans (children) in our Mercy Home, we need a Montessori English School in which teachers trained in Montessori Schools are to be engaged for providing educations to our children from our Mercy Home. The Montessori English School will be in the same building of the Mercy Home. It is not yet started but will start running only when the funding is received from any well wisher.

This Montessori school also will give benefits to all the slum children whoever in need of educations and can attend it.We will be needing sponsorships for all these children whoever will be attending our Montessori English School.

Mercy Home will help peoples both in day time and night time since we are praying for having orphanage in it.

How can other people partner with you on your project?

Christian ministries are partnership ministries- without partnership, we cannot fulfill our mission visions. We look for partnerships with other organizations that have like mindedness in reaching out the poor and needy.

Please detail the resources that you need.

Budgets for Orphanage in Mercy Home (Ten Children- not yet found)
Total: Rs 298000/- (USD 4834)

1. House Security Deposit (Returnable): Rs 50000/-
2. Monthly Rent: Rs 25000/-
3. Children Education
a. Yearly Admission: Rs 50000/- (Rs 5000/- per child)
b. Monthly Tuition Fee: Rs 4000/- (Rs 400/- per child)
c. Uniforms (Yearly): Rs 3000/- (Rs 300/- per child)
d. Books & Stationary (per Year): Rs 50000/- (Rs 5000 per child)
4. Food (per month): Rs 30000 (Rs 3000/- per child)
5. Laundry (per month): Rs 6000/-
6. House Parents (two): Rs Rs 20000/- (Rs 10000/- each)
7. Computers (2 in no.): Rs 60000/-

Our Orphanage will be in our Mercy Home (only infra structure, I. e., building- is rented.

Budgets for Montessori English School (to be started in the same rented building where the Mercy Home exists:
Total Rs 255000/- (USD 4136)

1. Building Security Deposit (Returnable): Rs 50000/-
2. Building Rent (per month): Rs 25000/-
3. Furniture: Rs 80000/-
4. Computers (2 in no.): Rs 60000/-
5. Salaries
a. 5 Teachers: Rs 35000/- (Rs 7000/- each)
b. 1 Maintenance: Rs 5000/-

The above budgets are approximate ones and tentative.

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    lex alliance foundation
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    Mrs renuka Arora says: good afternoon sir,

    we are an ngo working on issue of children for their better future .but we have no funds and grant .a humble request from our side if yu can help us for them.